Group unveils anti-Berkeley TV ad

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Fallout from Berkeley City Council‘s refusal to apologize to the U.S. Marines (after calling them “uninvited and unwelcome intruders”) continues today as the conservative group Move America Forward unveils a new television commercial condemning the council for its anti-military stances.

Move America Forward, which calls itself the largest grassroots pro-troops organization in the country, says the ad will run on cable news channels, and on broadcast network affiliates in the San Francisco Bay Area starting Monday.

The ad features U.S. Army veteran John Bringuel, who served from 1964-1966, and is outraged about the council’s recent decision: “We served this nation to protect ingrates like you and we deserve some respect,” he says. Deborah Johns, the mother of a soldier who is serving in Iraq, says, “Berkeley, you’ve gone too far and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Move America Forward said city council’s failure to rescind all of its negative resolutions against U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center in downtown Berkeley, and its refusal to apologize, forced its hand. The council voted 7-2 last week to not send a critical letter to the Marines asking them to leave town, but it also shot down a motion to officially apologize.

Josh Richman

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  • ChicoTom

    If they are fighting to protect the rights of ‘ingrates’ like the Berkeley City Council then why are they asking for an apology? Protesting the marines the right to free speech as listed in the constitution. The marines job is to protect our right to free speech. Not to be wimps who demand an apology whenever they don’t feel welcome. Plus, how many people from Berkeley actually join the marines? I went to Berkeley High School and I would have to say I don’t think I know one person that went into the military unless they couldn’t afford college, and most of those people were from Oakland. Stop whining and be marines.

  • The problem for the Berkeley City Council is that when the vote came to apologize for their actions – and their slurs against the military – they REFUSED.

    Watching the vote play out was fascinating, because 4 Council Members DID want to apologize, but Mayor Bates led a delegation to block the move.

    So how can Mayor Bates or the Council members who voted down the apology, have any hope of putting this past them?

    On top of that, they left the OTHER resolutions hostile to the military in place.

    These people have acted shamefully and deserve to be repudiated for their conduct.

  • KJW

    The way to get back against the city council is to not spend money in Berkeley. That will turn the Merchants agaisnt them and, sure as can be, the existing city council will be gone. If I happen to be traveling through Berkeley, and realize I’m going to run out of gas, I’ll coast to Albany.

  • Berkeley Marine Sanctuary

    Chico Tom — you’re right about the Marines, and to my knowledge they have not requested an apology or anything else, since Cpt. Lund’s initial Open Letter to Code PINK (Google it, its EXCELLENT).

    Many of us have requested apologies on behalf of the Marines, which is not the same thing at all. For me, an apology from the City Council would mostly be a way of making sure they “own” what they did, which was to overstep their authority as public servants — because of their personal ideology.

    For the Council to say they don’t like the Marines is ok, but for them to tell the Marines to get out, and to empower protesters to “impede the business” of the Office by any non-violent (note: not “legal”) means — and say they speak for the City of Berkeley is just wrong.

    And the answer to your other question is that the Officer Selection Office apparently sends about 30 people off to OCS each year – but the candidates aren’t all from UC Berkeley. One reason the location was chosen was that it was accessible by BART from Cal State East Bay, and SFSU, as well as other area colleges.