San Ramon singing the blues

Party registration in San Ramon has tipped for the first time in favor of Democrats, going the way of Lamorinda where all three of its cities have flipped in the past several years from red to blue.

The San Ramon Valley Democratic Club reports that based on the latest registration figures it obtained from Contra Costa County, as of Jan. 25, Democrats now outnumber Republicans by 131 voters. Last March, Republicans held a 3 percentage point lead over Democrats in San Ramon.

Interestingly, the largest Assembly district in the San Ramon Valley, District 15, has also shifted leftward. In January 2006, Republicans held a 3 percentage-point registration advantage. By January 2008, Democrats actually held a tiny lead — one-tenth of one percent — over the GOP.

What’s happening?

Unquestionably, the hotly contested Democratic presidential contest is attracting new voters. Democrats see the opportunity to win the White House in November, and they are showing up to the polls all over the United States in far greater numbers than Republicans.

Local Democrats have also been busy registering voters, said San Ramon Valley Democratic Club President Ray Link. They have a booth at the Danville farmer’s market every Saturday and politically minded folks must be doing something more than stocking up on fruits and vegetables.

Anyone have other ideas about why Lamorinda and San Ramon are trending blue? (FYI, Alamo, Danville and Diablo have remained consistently Republican at 51, 47 and 63 percent respectively.)

Here’s are the registration numbers the club provided for San Ramon:

— In March 2007, San Ramon had 10,430 Democrats, or 36 percent of the registered voters. By Jan. 25, it rose to 11,138 voters or 37 percent.

— Republicans had 11,286 voters or 39 percent in March 2007, but dropped by Jan. 25 to to 11,007 voters or 36 percent.

— Decline to state voters rose from 22 percent of registered voters to 23 percent in the same time period.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen