Newt Gingrich sets up shop in Silicon Valley

American Solutions for Winning the Future — a new, allegedly nonpartisan group chaired by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with the goals of defending America and its allies abroad and defeating our enemies, strengthening and revitalizing America’s core values, and moving the government into the 21st Century — announced today that it will open a Silicon Valley office in Palo Alto.

See Gingrich’s announcement video here:

“We’re excited to be in Silicon Valley and to learn from the best of the private sector so we can utilize the latest technological breakthroughs to fundamentally transform government from the world that fails to the world that works,” Gingrich said in a news release. “We believe it’s possible to create a world that works and to move the bureaucracies of the past – obsolete, slow, cumbersome, paper-based institutions – into a very dynamic, networked, information technology future.”

David Kralik, American Solutions’ internet strategy director and Silicon Valley office manager, said the office “will be looking to work with the innovative and entrepreneurial people located in Silicon Valley to establish ourselves as a leader in online politics and serve as a model for successful online political efforts. We want to engage in a dialogue with technology leaders and to communicate a message of free market principles where consumers decide who wins and not the government.” Kralik is a former Gingrich aide who started the Draft Newt movement for this year’s presidential election; I see that Wonkette IDed Kralik back in ’06 as a blogger for the National Association of Manufacturers.

American Solutions, its release says, is committed to utilizing the latest technology to connect elected officials at all levels and millions of activists to form a diverse, decentralized, collaborative network that will aggregate the best ideas and solutions to move government into the 21st century. It cites as an example Gingrich’s Sept. 27 appearance in the virtual world of Second Life.

Virtual Newt!

Josh Richman

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    I voluntere every time elections come up to help run the polls in my precinct . I just found out that we are allowing 17 year olds & any tom dick & harry , that connot prove where they,re from or who they are , the right to vote ! Can you please tell me who,s great brain storm this was , & WHY?? IT will be the biggest tie-up the American elections have ever had !