Antioch councilman endorses Agopian

Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski, in a widely broadcast email this weekend, (pictured on the right) announced his support for Contra Costa County supervisor candidate Gary Agopian.

Agopian is an Antioch Unified School District trustee who filed last week — the surprise of many — to challenge incumbent Supervisor Federal Glover of Pittsburg.

This is looking to be a very interesting race between Glover, Agopian and Erik Nunn, the Oakley Planning Commissioner who came close to beating Glover in 2004 and has been campaigning for more than a year. A fourth man, Donald Parscal, pulled candidacy papers but he had not qualified as of this morning and he has no political experience.

The presence of three or more candidates makes it harder for any one candidate to win 50 percent plus one vote in June and win the seat outright, virtually guaranteeing a battle among the top two vote-getters in November.

Here’s what Kalinowski wrote:

I have been waiting to see what the official field would be before I made any decision on who I would endorse to challenge Federal.

Now some of you on this e-mail may be saying to yourself, well if Kalinowski is supporting ….(blank), then I am going the other way, and would never consider supporting who he supports. I offer the following response:

We need true regional representation from an individual who has a vision, a list of priorities, and a person who can keep their “eye on the ball”.

In addition, someone who supports Law Enforcement (Public Safety) and Education, two of the biggest “things” that define a community or a region. Because at the end of the day, its about each individuals quality of life. I am confident that my support of Gary Agopian reflects my personal and professional desire to see more opportunities not only for my family, but our larger family, The residents of the City of Antioch and the surrounding communities.

I am confident that Gary can work to bring the necessary improvements to not only the City of Antioch but also, Oakley, Pittsburg, and the unincorporated communities of Knightsen, Bethel Island, and Bay Point. For each of the unincorporated communities, isn’t it time, you had access to the same type of services offered to incorporated cities?

Last year the Board of Supervisors ripped 2 million away from the Sheriff at the last minute, (14 Deputy positions), and I guarantee they will go after more blood this year. Isn’t it time that we had a regional leader who was inclusive and a part of the process, not someone who refuses to work with local elected leaders?

Not informing us of important issues they are considering. I am sure there are more topics and issues, but I only offer my personal thoughts as the CAMPAIGN FOR EAST COUNTY begins. This is OUR time, do not let it slip away.

Thank you for reading.

Brian Kalinowski, Antioch City Council Member

UPDATE 12:44 p.m. Agopian sent this response to Kalinowski’s endorsement:

Brian,   I am very grateful for your unequivical endorsement of my recently announced campaign. As I have been talking with many concerned citizens all over this district in the last few days, I am even more convinced than I was on Friday that a change is needed, welcomed and encouraged in leadership in District 5.   Many like us share the values that results on important issues like neighborhood crime,  reforming education and protecting the financial health of the county  are best accomplished  by working with local leaders. I will be a voice for change with you and I will represent East County’s needs with passion and energy. I will keep my “eye on the ball”. I care about better lives for families in east county and the region.   I look forward to more support like yours to change the “status quo”. I appreciate your courage to speak up for me. We can do better!   Gary  

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Samantha LaSpada

    I still plan on voting for Erik Nunn. He has been a resident of our county forever. He is on the Oakley Planning Commission, pastor of an oakley church, family man, manager of a construction company, and served in the military. He is an honorable guy and deserves to beat out Federal.

  • Renegade GOP

    Blah Blah Blah!! If he is doing all this (Oakley Planning Commission, pastor of an oakley church, family man, manager of a construction company) How does he have time to be Supervisor with all the problems mounting in the county? This is a more than full time gig.

  • JoeCitizen

    Sounds to me like Erik will do anything to get elected. Changing parties at that minute, what a slimmy politician. This type of politics is what keeps the good people out.
    I would rather vote for Federal than support a flip flopper, opportunist, sell out. Funny how just a few months ago Erik was a card carring Republican, then when the field gets a little crowded he now has changed his entire thought processes and is now a Democrat.
    Sounds like another prostituted politician to me…