McCain coming to California

GOP presidential candidate John McCain will come back to California in late March for several fund-raisers at Pebble Beach, according to a schedule put out by the California Republican Party.

By then, most expect McCain will have won the necessary number of delegates to secure the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Once the voters know who the nominees are on both sides, we can also expect both campaigns to start punching in the PIN to California’s ATM machine.

Photo details: GOP presidential candidate John McCain, with his wife, Cindy, speaks at an election night event in Phoenix, his home state, following a big win on Feb. 5, or Super Tuesday. Photo by Allen Payton of Antioch, the co-chairman of the McCain campaign in Contra Costa County.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    Well…. McCain’s prospects are improving slightly as the Democrats head into a protracted struggle. The question is will he be the real John McCain the independent/Republican or will he be pulled to the far right and be Bob Dole redux. Lets see when he gets to CA if he can keep the Gafs to a minimum.

    Funny though… and maybe I’am wrong but unlike Bob Dole in 96 McCain does not seem to be coming to Contra Costa. Unlike the CCGOP that Lynne Leach built (Leach left in 95 but put the party on the map) the 2008 version of the GOP is just not a must see bus stop on National GOP Tour. Instead California in General is just an ATM machine for National GOP Candidates.

  • AnAmerican

    As a RINO (Republican In Name Only) elitist maybe he feels Contra Costans are just fat, dumb cows to be milked for what they are worth then led to the slaughter. After all, this Whack-O wants to continue to borrow money to fight a 100 year war in a vain attempt to kill an idea; voted for the ‘economic stimulus’ plan that increases the National debt, benefits China, and devalues the American dollar; and wants to give amnesty to illegal alien invaders without dealing with birthright citizenship and chain migration.

    Thank God there is still a real Republican candidate remaining, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Renegade GOP

    The RINO label is typical of what is wrong with the Party. Nobody will ever live up to the far rights type of conservatism.

    Of course the failure of the Republican party that we are dealing with has more to do with the complete failure of our elected Republican leaders to even try to hold themselves accountable to basic Republican principles. I agree with all of your criticism of John McCain. He and all the Rats from DC are infected with Potomac Fever.

    My point is who will McCain be. Like most Pols he will probably be what ever he needs to be to be elected.
    His chances improved last night if the Dems have a long protracted struggle for their nomination.