Del Beccaro steps down locally to lead state GOP fundraising

Contra Costa County GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro said a few minutes ago that he will step down from his county post in April in order to lead the California GOP’s Golden State Leadership Fundraising Team.

Del Beccaro, also the vice chairman of the state GOP, has organized one large fund-raiser for the party already at its Feb. 22 convention in San Francisco and says he has a half-dozen more planned in the coming months. The party has had quite a bit of financial trouble in the past year, prompting one of its major donors to demand that its leaders develop a recovery plan.

“It’s a great opportunity but it’s going to take a great deal of time, so I have decided to step down from my job as the county chairman,” Del Beccaro said.

The Golden State Leadership Fund existed prior to Del Beccaro’s assignment but it had lapsed in recent years. It is intended to serve as a consistent source of cash for the party’s ongoing operations and programs, including subsidies to help county parties hire local staff.

It’s unclear who will assume the county chairman’s duties for the balance of the year although its widely believed that the committee members will in April elect Greg Poulos, who serves on the party’s executive committee.

At the state level, the party must get its financial act together soon if it hopes to help presumed GOP presidential nominee John McCain. His campaign says he wants to win in the Golden State, a tall order in a state where Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans.

In quotes that Del Beccaro sent over from party leaders, Republican Assembly Leader Mike Villines said, “Tom has shown great leadership and political instincts in developing a sustainable funding source for the CRP. I appreciate his vision and tireless work ethic for the Party.”

“Tom is proving to be exactly what state party members expected when we elected him: an active Vice Chairman helping to move the party forward in a critical presidential election year,” said California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring.

Del Beccaro says his decision has nothing to do with recent criticism of him aired on local blog, HalfwaytoConcord.com. Nor does the fact that a number of his critics have filed to run for the Republican Central Committee.

“I only do things for positive reasons,” Del Beccaro said. “The health of the CRP is dependent on our fundraising. I just got off the phone with the Los Angeles County chair who told me this is the most critical thing we can be doing.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Patty O’Day

    Tom Del Beccaro will be greatly missed by the grassroots volunteers of the Contra Costa Republican Party. His leadership, hard work, dedication and loyalty went way above what is usually expected from a volunteer. Tom grabbed the Contra Costa Republican Party and picked us up by the bootstraps and made us into a very effective and well run organization.

    He has raised more money for our organization than ever in the past. He has inspired volunteers to help more than ever before. Due to his exhaustive leadership and encouragement, Contra Costa Republicans have had the largest turn out of all the large counties in the last 2 elections. He has increased the number of volunteers by bringing in wonderful speakers for our monthly meetings. Thanks to Tom’s hard work, we have enjoyed speakers that are number 1 on the New York Best Sellers list. The Golf Tournament that he organized is second to none in fun and fund raising.

    I personally will feel a great sadness to see Tom move up the ladder, but when he told me of his decision a few days ago, he promised that although he won’t be able to dedicate as much time to our local issues, he will still live in the area and will still be able to help us out from time to time. I consider him to be my mentor and teacher, and most of all, my friend. Now it is time for him to go on to bigger and better things and I support him and congratulate him. Good Luck Tom.

  • BT

    Good Luck Tom! The State Party is lucky to have your talents and work ethic. We are all looking forward to big things in the future.

  • Patty O’Day

    I do not want to take anything away from Tom’s announcement, but as a member of the Executive Committee of the Contra Costa Republican Party Central Committee, I want to personally endorse Greg Poulos to be the next Chairman of our Central Committee. Greg has worked tirelessly for countless hours over the past several years to build our base and keep the operations running smoothly. I am looking forward to working closely with Greg and know he will make for a very smooth transition from Tom’s leadership to Greg’s.

  • Renegade Republican

    Tom Del Baccaro to the rescue. It is a tall order to save the disfunctional CAGOP even for a man of Tom’s talents.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Tom has done a fantastic job revitalizing the Contra Costa Republican Party over the past five years and I am confident the his successor and the Executive Committee will build upon the foundation that Tom has created.

    Now Tom is able to take his successes in Contra Costa to the State GOP as the Vice Chair and devote all his attention to his new obligations.

    Thank you Tom for all you have done.