Morgan demands security for Berkeley recruiters

Melanie Morgan — the just-laid-off conservative radio talk-show host and chairwoman of the grassroots conservative group Move America Forward — will be spending today at Berkeley’s U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center on Shattuck Avenue and Mayor Tom Bates‘ office, demanding that this recruiting office be protected in the wake of another’s bombing early this morning in New York City’s Times Square.

“Mayor Bates and the Berkeley City Council called upon citizens to impede the work of military recruiters in conjunction with CodePink. Now we see that violence is a part of the effort by some to shut down military recruiting centers,” Morgan said in a news release. “Mayor Bates, you share plenty of blame for the escalation of hostility towards our military men and women and it’s time for you to stand up, apologize for your action, and call upon all citizens to stand in support of the work of military recruiters. These people are our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and they deserve better treatment from people like you.”

nyc-recruiting-station-bombed-ap.jpgNobody was hurt in the 3:45 a.m. EST bombing in New York, but the Associated Press reports “(t)he blast left a gaping hole in the front window and shattered a glass door, twisting and blackening its metal frame.” The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all use that office as a recruiting station, AP says, and “(f)or a half century, the station was the armed forces’ busiest recruiting center. It has set national records for enlistment, averaging about 10,000 volunteers a year.”

Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CodePINK — which has helped spearhead months of protest outside Berkeley’s Marine recruiting station and helped convince Berkeley City Council to talk smack about the recruiters as well — told me just now that her organization is entirely nonviolent; “condemns any kind of violence including what happened at the recruiting station in New York;” and finds Morgan’s demands “ridiculous.”

“We’ve been protesting outside that Marine recruiting station every day since September and there’s never been an incident. The most dangerous it gets is if someone falls over during our free yoga class,” Benjamin said. “It’s as peaceful as Berkeley can be and there’s no need for extra protection.”

Anyone could’ve bombed the New York site for any reason, she noted. “We may never know, but just because there’s one incident at one recruiting station out of the many thousands that there are all over the counttry doesn’t mean there’s any danger to Berkeley.”

“Melanie Morgan, now that she doesn’t have her talk show, should take up something useful like knitting,” Benjamin jabbed, rather than “trying to use this as a way to stir up more division in Berkeley.”

UPDATE @ 9:43 A.M. WEDNESDAY 3/12: Berkeley’s Police Review Commission will hold a hearing at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, March 13, in the North Berkeley Senior Center at 1901 Hearst Ave. on Berkeley Police officers’ treatment of antiwar protestors outside the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue. More info, with videos, here.

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • Wes Jackson

    code pinko members are kith and kin to those 60’s kids the KGB refered to as “useful idiots”. The people that would sit dumbfounded, heads in hand, if the facist they see in the mirror really ran this country.

  • The problem here is that CodePINK isn’t the only group protesting that recruiting center. More recently, one very vocal socialist student group called World Can’t Wait. Teenage members of this group have been arrested more than once for assaulting pro-troop protesters; I have no trouble seeing them carrying out an attack like this.

  • Diana

    Is this the same Code Pink that stood outside of Walter Reed Hospital and shouted at those visiting their loved ones inside that their family member was crippled or maimed in vain? Are these the same people that had so little compassion that they have been found shouting at the funerals of those beloved warriors that fell in the battle to keep them safe and free? The Islamic Terrorist groups hate us and want to destroy us, but their average “Joe” does not live in the freedom and prosperity that these people who protest our military men and women. This is an enemy that eats at our table. Is that not the definition of a traitor?

  • SFC Cheryl McElroy US ARMY (RET)

    Newsflash to Code Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R., MoveOn.org, Kos, and the rest of you anarchistic psychopaths:

    The draft went out with Jimmy Carter. U.S. citizens volunteer to join the military. It’s a choice, not a requirement.

    That’s probably what angers you the most; people who enlist to support and fight the war against the Islamic fascists, while you carry out your own little jihad at home.

    It’s not working, you fruitcakes. We will not be intimidated.

  • Jeremy E.

    These people are hopelessly unhappy. If it wasn’t the military, they would find something else to embarrass themselves (and our country) about. I am just thankful that I am not as miserable as the folks at Code Pink clearly are. Treason is too narrowly defined and not nearly prosecuted enough in this country.

  • Bruce Bates

    “Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged.”

    President Abraham Lincoln

    I think Abe said it best. Enforce the law and arrest these “Americans” for treason.

  • Troop Supporter

    Hmmm … is Code Pink funded by Osama Bin Laden? They must be.

    How DARE the City of Berkeley, Code Pink, Westboro Church, etc., presume that they speak for ME. They do not, and I condemn and scorn their actions.

    Such acts of violence are terrorist and treasonous acts and should be punished as such. No mercy.

  • Brenda G.

    This may be considered treason, in some respects, but what Code Pink deems “counter-recruitment” techniques are actually acts of terrorism. Look up the definition, and then explain how their actions cannot be defined as such. The National Guard should be called into Berkeley, and Martial Law should be declared, period.

  • chuck williams

    this is definiely an act of treason and these people should be dealt with as traitors

  • Dan Bostan

    These pinkos commie traitors should be hang in public or deported to Iran or Cuba, where they belong.

  • Krista Silveria

    Code Pink is (as has already been said) a terrorist group who terrorizes anyone who does not agree with them. I have stood alongside people like this and while they tout their non-violence propaganda, they don’t stop people from being violent around them – I take great offense at their claim that it is people like them and the Berkeley city council standing up for free speech are the reason we speak english today – and not German… I thought that was the result of the Marines and the rest of the Military going in and fighting for our rights! Not these idiots. The Berkeley police aren’t doing anything yet they are charging 20,000.00 per day for every protest!? I received a lame reply from Sen Barbara Boxer yesterday and I quote “As you may know, on February 13, 2008, the Berkeley City Council voted to rescind its proclamation that declared the Marine Corps Recruiting Station “unwelcome and uninvited” in the City of Berkeley.

    As I said on the Senate floor, there is a big difference between the Iraq war and the men and women sent into Iraq to face horrendous danger every day.

    The decision to fight in Iraq is the decision of the Commander in Chief, not of our brave soldiers, who deserve the strongest support and admiration for their bravery.

    I am glad that the Berkeley City Council recognized this.”
    The council voted NO such thing – they voted not to send the letter and that was all. Come on Barbara – you are smarter than this..or maybe you arent.

    Either way people – this is an election year. No matter what your party is you MUST vote, and let the people you are voting against know why, for anyone who will support pulling public funding from the City of Berkeley. If you have voted for someone up for re-election in the past – write them and tell them that if they don’t do something – you WILL vote them out of office. This is the only way it will be taken care of! Use your power and VOTE!

  • Wade Meyer

    It would be funny to capture all the Code-Pinks then force them to wear bikinis, have them airlifted to the MIddle-East. Then make them parachute into Tehran as a gift to Mahmoud from Amerika. Of course they would be given a back pack with field rations and suntan oil for their daily yoga classes.

  • Dear Medea (if I may be so bold):

    What is it that you hope(lessly want)to accomplish. I for one appreciate and cherish my freedom and ability to go to sleep at night knowing I’m protected by the worlds greatest military. What you and your constituents (or co-conspirators) are doing is completely beyond reason, not mention unconscienable!It seems to me, and the greater majority of my fellow Americans, that you don’t fully (or even begin to) understand what it is you are trying to do! Think of what the result would be if you and your team of anti-American comrades were actually successful in your endeavor (and I can guarantee you won’t be)to dismantle our heroic military organizations. We could never be safe in our own country at anytime-day or night! Your freedom and rights would be a thing of the past. I don’t know about you, but I for one prefer to have those things in tact and not removed from my life-forever! If you don’t need those priviliges then move to another country where you don’t have those things. You must understand that war is inevitable if we want to keep our civil liberties and freedom. we don’t live in a “fairy-tale” world where bunnies enjoy grassy meadows without fear, and birds sing freely and beautifully at your window every morning! With that in mind, I strongly urge you and your “band of freedom raiders” to cease your non-sense! Understand your actions for what they are…T

  • (thought continued)TERRORIST TYPE ACTIONS! The reality is is that you and your constituents need Jesus as your Lord and Savior…And I mean that snicerely. Now to quote Forrest Gump: “That’s all I have to say about that!”

  • Henry Richardson

    If had not been for the men and women that gave they time and lives for the freedoms that you so easily abuse, and show in your narrow minded ways how you and
    some of the so called leaders of Berkley, truly feel about this great nation of our and the fighting men and women who are still tring to keep these freedoms for their families and you included. There is one thing

  • ann sage

    Madea Benjamin wishes she could be in our shoes. If she were in our shoes she could claim to have a hero in her family along with the other code stupid’s out there.
    I didn’t use to have that name for them but then I saw an interview the code stupid’s did and one of the members said that the constitution gives her the right to have free speech, not a Marine and when asked if she knew that the military gave her that right to free speech she denied it. Once I saw this I realized that they are code stupid, they don’t even know their own constitution.
    If Ms. Benjamin doesn’t want any of our young men and women in Iraq then I suggest she (and her followers) go in their place and stand in front of a big bad gun. Perhaps she can stick a daisy in the barrel of the enemies gun.

  • Helen Bates

    WOW! I can’t recall ever being so friggin angry, not only at Madea (pronounced MAD IDEA?)but at the fact it has followers. ANNE is correct in her post about the FACT of constitutional rights to free speech to jackasses like this. well MAD IDEA here are some FACTS for you.
    You want to see a police officer protecting you in times of need, you want to see a firefighter there to put the flames out on your house, how about those that actually guard your house when the threat is over an ocean,do really you think your house, kids or everything else you hold dear is invincible?? YOUR STUPIDER than you sound, so be DAMN glad not everyone is as hateful as you are stupid. If they were, the police protection you should get would no longer available, your home would be another mess to clean up, and as far as military goes, I’m sure we have the money to put your ass on a plane to whatever country you think is best for you since this one you want to bash. SHUT UP OR GET OUT < and btw YOU want to see pink? I have a middle finger just that color and sugar its all for you.

  • Look for a mass swearing in ceremony at this recruiting office. Those joining in the War on Terror will consist of students from the Ivy League and cities such as Beverly Hills, Belleaire, Chevy Chase.

  • Cathy

    What is wrong with the people in this country???
    Don’t you know that it is an act of treason to violate the government of the United States? The people responsible for these attacks should be tried for treason, held accountable for their actions. You act as though the recruiting stations are separate from the military, they are not!!!
    For the City of Berkeley and their City Council, Cut off all their funding, state and federal and move the University Campus. See what happens when you have a major disaster and the rest of us stand outside your City limits and say “Can’t Help You, we are trying to stay neutral”.

  • Mark in Havasu

    These pieces of subhuman scar tissue at this Code Stink organization(?) need to be taken out in the ocean and pushed overboard. Trouble is, the trash that inhabits this joke of an antiwar traitorous socialist left-wing wacko group would foul the oceans and make all the marine life sick. As for Berkeley, CA, it and the rest of the big lib Bay Area can go pound major amounts of silicate matter up their !$@!%!@^#$.

  • James

    “Stephen Says:
    March 9th, 2008 at 9:58 am
    I am no supporter of Code Pink nor of Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, but demonstrating in front of the Marine recruiting center or organizing a counter-recruitment campaign is in a totally different category from bombing a recruiting center. We don’t blame anyone who demonstrates in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic for bombings of such clinics or murders of doctors who perform abortions. The same logic would apply here.”

    Hold on Stephen. The folks that bomb Planned Parenthood clinics or murder the doctors that work there go TO JAIL!!!! While YOU may consider them the same thing, bombing someone’s place of work and/or killing them is against the law, always has been, always will be.
    I think we should pressure “Mayor” Bates to prove that he is “retired military”. Military.com shows a Tom Bates as having served, but does not list his status. By his own bio, (posted on the City of Berkeley website) it says he “served in the Army in Germany.” Does not say he retired from active duty. He is probably unaware that the UCMJ allows recall to active duty to face trial by courts-martial for violations of the UCMJ. Let’s recall his butt back to active duty, court-martial him for treason and incarcerate him forever. (If it was up to me, I would hang him from the yardarm). SEMPER FI!!!!!

  • Bob

    Its simple, while you can disagree with our Government (as I do on many subjects, like taxes, foreign aid, and support of liberal groups), to protest our volunteer troops in this manner deserves a single response – PACK YOUR BAGS!
    The personnel you are attacking are covering your tail, so if you don’t appreciate that MOVE NOW! Might I suggest you take up housekeeping in IRAQ, IRAN, CUBA, or any such location you desire. Give up your US citizenship and I will help with your one way ticket!!!!!!!!

  • Marshall Thompson

    I’m really glad to see so many folks speaking out against groups like Code Pink. Groups like these conduct their own form of propoganda war and tend to get noticed more because of their attention-seeking, squeaky-wheeled behaviors. Most Americans are of a patriotic nature and, regardless of how they feel about Iraq, etc., are mature enough to understand the need for a functional military.
    The very idea of a city purging itself of its military recruiting facilities defies logic – and it’s the crowd that is so vocal about tolerance and diversity that would decide who gets to stay and who has to go! Groups like Code Pink should consider not changing the rules of the game (the rules they claim others are always violating) when it supports their agenda. They need to admit that their tactics violate the very precepts of peace and tolerance they espouse; in their view of international warfare, the end never justifies the means…so, does having an asthetically unpleasing recruiting post in the middle of Berkley justify attacking and harassing young Americans who ARE courageous enough to not just “walk the walk”, but to consider actually commiting years of their life to serving their country with a real possibility of suffering injury and possibly death? I think the need for a well-trained and prepared military force to protect America and her bastions of freedom (i.e., Berkley) justifies the distribution of military recruiting centers into all areas, especially since our military is bound to serve and protect all of America, regardless of local political flavors.
    Again, I appreciate all the comments from people. We need to remind others that groups like Code Pink do not represent the sentiments of the vast majority of Americans. If we don’t take the time to speak out against this sort of behavior, the media attention given these groups will cause them to appear more significant than they actually are, and, of course, the impressionable among us will tend to associate a higher level of acceptability because of this. Thanks for participating!

  • Everitt – Sgt Force Recon

    Code Pink – do you think they will even take the time to understand the outrage of Americans? It is treason in it’s purest form. Protected by the brothers I have served with – the freedom of speech argument holds no ground here, it was never intended when causing a threat to our nation. Lord help them if they think they will ever see protection from the Corps, we will stand aside.

  • I find the fact that you support our enemy ironic.
    You are the first people out there demanding your freedom of speech,which by the way, was paid for by the service of many brave soldiers. Yet, you support, both verbally and financially, the people who wish to take that right away from you.Do you not realize, that when the terrorists do, and they will, invade America, you will probably be the first to go down. Do you really think that they will show gratitude to you? You are the ones they want to destroy the most. You demand freedom, yet turn on your own country. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Mike

    Code Pink needs to get a life! I guess they have nothing better to do but annoy our troops. I think we should take all forms government assistance away from the City of Berkley and the Code Pinkers. This includes anything to do with the federal government. If they cannot support the troops and government, the government shouldn’t support them.

  • Dave Derence

    All members of code pink need to apply for passports
    to Russia or Iran. They are a disgrace to our country
    and traitors to boot.They are a disgusting group of
    malcontents and should be rounded up and sent to the
    camps in Guantanamo Cuba, where they can join the other murderers od American troops. They all turn my
    Away with them!!!

  • Madison

    If one refuses to see both sides in a fair manner, it would still be one’s choice, but would make one absolutely inferior. Especially if you oppose war, you should stay away from all violence to make your point clear, which you are not doing. Sorry to say that Code Pink needs to shape up & grow up!

  • Elaine Ancipink

    code pink, why don’t you as a group take up a hobby. I would recommend going to Iraq or Iran, they need help planning the next attack on the USA. They would love to have “helpers” maybe they would even give you the “honor” of being the next sucide bomber. Now make sure that you bring along some mentally challenged members, young women, young men, this are more easily influenced to strap a bomb on themselves! But if you want to do the job yourself no one here would try to stop you. Although, if the group was in one of these countries and they were considered hostages,Who would go to rescue them?! Not me, but those Marines they are disrepecting would be there! God Bless the Marines!
    I wish all of the code pink would move to a country that would appreicate them! We do not need this group in the US but notice they do have the right of free speach, something they want to deny young Americans who are actually doing their part to protect these “nuts” rights! Amazing! Only in America would this be allowed. Do the code pink realize this? I am sure they do! !!!

  • Jon

    Sadly, it is obvious to anyone with any IQ that the Code Pink members have some serious mental health problems.

    Arguing with them is like trying to explain complex math problems to a 2 year old. No matter how well you explain things, they simply are physically incapable of understanding. The brain cells simply aren’t there or are too underdeveloped. It’s sad really…

    With that said, the beauty of the internet is that their mental illness is put on display for everyone to see which helps to ensure that their way of thinking will never succeed on any significant level…

    It is difficult to ignore them (again, just as it is difficult to ignore the cries of a distressed 2 year old), but exposing them is the best thing we can all do…they don’t even realize that by behaving as they do, they drive the vast majority of folks away from their misguided “cause.”

    Still, I wouldn’t mind if our government might take it upon themselves to arrest a few on sedition charges which they have so clearly violated.

  • Personally I think CODE PINK and groups like them should have their status as an United States American IMPEACHED!! They are an embarrassment to the people who have fought for each and every one of us. American soldiers have laid their lives down and put their families on hold so that we can live the PRIVLEDGED life we have here in the US live. Get a grip men and women. YOU have the freedom that you so dearly enjoy because of all the men and women who have served you and this country. STOP THE INSANITY!!!

  • Dan D

    Code Pink is certainly entitled to their sophomoric antics and twisted view of reality. How anyone with a shred of common sense could actually believe the drivel that they so passionately espouse is and always will be a mystery to me. Yes, I am a proud veteran of our armed forces (Viet Nam era) and I would still fight to the death for their right to say whatever they want. No matter how stupid, degrading, misleading or uninformed. This is just another black eye for Berkeley. They will get what they so richly deserve in the end. Fools always do.

  • Duane Sorenson

    If these code pink punks and others like them want to fight maybe it is a good time to reinstate the draft and the rules that applied to young trouble makers during the Viet Nam conflict. Of course some exceptions would have to be made for the old hags that populate the ranks of these groups. I would think most of them by now know their way around a kitchen.

  • Gene Bowser

    I watched a video today of a reporter interviewing Code Pink people. It was sad to see that we really have so many ignorant people involved in that group. Maybe our schools are just not doing a good job now that they are mostly run by liberals.
    Very Sad Indeed!

  • Christian Orr

    Code Pink = terrorist coddlers who willingly provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

    Ber(zer)keley and San Francisco = the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah

  • Ben Tracey

    We live in a Republic where citizens are encouraged to petition our national policy setting representatives. The military is not a national policy setting body. It’s function is to carry out these policies by defending our sovereign territory and national interests globally. The attempt to effect national policy by leaving us defenseless is at best unpatriotic, and at worst treasonous.