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Commission to probe Berkeley Marine melees

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 9:41 am in Berkeley.

Berkeley’s Police Review Commission will hold a hearing at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, March 13, in the North Berkeley Senior Center at 1901 Hearst Ave. on Berkeley Police officers’ treatment of antiwar protestors outside the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue.

Organizers from World Can’t Wait, CodePink and Copwatch collected petition signatures to force the hearing, claiming their members have been “violently attacked by Berkeley Police Department riot squads.” From their news release:

In the city of “free speech,” protesters have been harassed, punched, threatened, and struck with clubs while nonviolently opposing the war and committing acts of nonviolent civil resistance (“civil disobedience”). These protests continue as the March 19 fifth anniversary of the Iraq war approaches, with nationwide protest actions planned for that week and March 19 itself.


“The use of violence by Berkeley riot police against anti-war demonstrations of an obviously nonviolent character, three times in a row, is completely unjustified, very likely politically charged, and should be denounced by the Berkeley City Council,” stated World Can’t Wait organizer Giovanni Jackson. “Our means of protest range from chanting to signs and banners, street theater to marches and nonviolent civil resistance actions. We are demanding an end to a criminal, illegitimate war of aggression, and we will not be silenced.”

I think this is one of the incidents to which they’re referring (broken into two parts, and beware of explicit language):

Antiwar protestors are now in the midst of a week-long sleep-in outside the recruiting office.

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  • Kevin Bester

    My family and I despise Code Pink and other groups like this. They are anti-American and lean towards communism. We support the Marine recruting office in Berkeley CA as our volunteer military protects America and we salute the brave people who take part.

  • http://none Rev. Dr. Ronald Turcot

    Code Pink and groups like them, need to look over their shoulders every day & night. There a lot of American Patriots who will not stand-by and allow them to continue their behavior. Their day of reckoning is fast approaching and there will be NO mercy shown. Too many of our buddies have died, are crippled or mentally challenged as a result of the Iraq war. They paid a heavy price! These “worthless pieces of trash” anti-americans will pay!!!

  • Drango


  • Raoul

    World Can’t Wait is a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Remember Waco? Substitute Commies for Christians and Bob Avakian for David Koresh and it the same thing. An “End of the World” cult that believes they will rescue and lead society according to the beliefs of their cult leader.

  • Raoul

    Drive Out The Avakian Regime…

  • Raoul

    Tase ’em Bro…

  • Raoul

    Berkeley = Bezerkistan, it’s NOT America as this video proves.

  • Gary M

    I wonder if these so-called Americans in Berkley would protest a terrorist recruiting office in their city.