ULL gains fans in unusual places

Assembly GOP candidate Scott Kamena is the first among the four Republican primary contestants to declare his undying love for Contra Costa County’s voter-approved urban growth boundary.

Who knew the urban limit line would attract a fan base among Republicans, who typically decry such government regulations as onerous?

But Kamena is the son of Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena, an advocate for growth boundaries and he’s an elected member of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Assemblymembers have little to say about county urban limit lines although they could promote legislation in Sacramento that enhances or weakens the effectiveness of the boundaries through changes in land-use law.

It’s a no-brainer, too, for a candidate to support what the voters have already enthusiastically embraced.

But it’s an oportunity for Kamena to separate himself from fellow candidate and San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson, whose city is considering whether or not to seek planning control over land outside the urban limit line in the the adjacent Tassajara Valley.

Kamena is calling on Wilson and the other two candidates to follow his lead. Will they? We’ll see. (The other challengers are Judy Biviano Lloyd and Robert Rao.)

Here’s the press release that Kamena sent out:

Voters elect leaders to uphold their values, not to over-ride them. That’s why Parks Director Scott Kamena announced today that he has signed a written pledge to uphold the popular will of Contra Costa County and San Ramon residents by supporting the voter approved Urban Limit Line. Kamena has issued a challenge to elected leaders to join him in signing the pledge.

Kamena is responding to the news that San Ramon politicians have submitted an application to the Local Agency Formation Commission to take control of the Tassajara Valley. Such plans would pave the way for companies to develop the entire area-a proposal that voters have rejected time and time again. His campaign has started an online petition for individuals who would like to join him in demanding that the City of San Ramon withdraw its application immediately. (San Ramon voted Tuesday night to postpone its application pending further discussion.)

“This is just plain common sense,” said Kamena. “It’s never a surprise when politicians can’t make decisions, but it’s simply breathtaking when they have trouble upholding decisions that have already been made by the people. The people of Contra Costa County have spoken and violating the Urban Limit Line in Contra Costa County should not even be up for discussion.”

Kamena has had extensive experience dealing with smart-growth policies. Livermore has a similar measure he helped enact. The measure is overwhelmingly popular and has helped focus development on the downtown area, benefiting businesses, developers and residents.

“The next Assembly member from this area needs to continue to defend the people’s values,” said Kamena. I commend Guy Houston for supporting the voter-approved urban limit line and I invite the other candidates in this race to sign the pledge as well. ”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    Let the grandstanding begin. Kamina is so concerned about the Contra Costa ULL that tonight at the CCGOP candidates night he sent his Campaign Manager to represent him. I guess there was an important Livermore parks meeting to attend(HAHAHAHAHA). Funny I did not hear a word about the ULL from his Campaign manager. This guy was so slick he looked like Mitt Romney Jr. But he did a better speaking job than his candidate usually does.

  • Marge

    The fact that Scott was actually serving the people who elected him rather than going to the CCGOP meeting would actually mean that he WASN’T grandstanding.

    Judy Lloyd is always bragging about the fact that she is an alternate appointee to the California Coastal Commission, but did you know she has never actually attended a meeting?

  • Renegade GOP

    Oh yeah the Parks board that is a crucial commission to serve on. Livermore won’t survive unless the park commission meets.

    If Kamina was sooooo concerned about the ULL he could have come to the CCGOP meeting and made the case in Contra Costa right in front of San Ramon Major Wilson. But our grandstanding boy wonder did not have the guts to show up or have his Campaign manager (Mitt Jr.) mention it. He missed an opportunity to look goofy!

  • Marge

    It’s not good of you to be bashing Dean Andal.

    He also sent a spokesman to speak on his behalf because he, being an elected official, had a meeting to attend on his local school board.

    I’ll bet you would say his meeting wasn’t important either.

    Judy lloyd of course doesn’t think any meetings are important. That is why she has never attended a costal commission meeting, opting instead to grandstand to Contra Costa Residents when she JUST MOVED INTO THE DISTRICT. HAHAHA. I wonder if her neighbors will even vote for her!!!

    Dean Andal and Scott are going to be great representatives for Contra Costa County.

  • LB

    I agree. I’m a Contra Costa resident and although I like Abram…he just hasn’t been working hard enough. Scott is the only one who is going to be able to win this one for Republicans. Judy will get pummeled by Joan. It wont even be close.