GOP meeting generates “socialism” flap

The cell phone network in Contra Costa County has been in overdrive today as rumors fly about the content of a speech given last night by Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho at the Republican Party’s candidate night. (She’s running for re-election against Assemblyman Guy Houston, R-San Ramon.)

I was there and no, Piepho did not call her Board of Supervisors colleagues socialists.

Look, context is everything.

Piepho used the term with verbal quotations around it in reference to the introductory comments of GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro, who actually did call her colleagues socialists.

Her reference came as a preface to her campaign stump spiel about the steps she says the Board of Supervisors has collectively taken during her three years in office to enact fiscal controls.

Some of Piepho’s conservative supporters have criticized those actions as too little and too late, especially when it comes to the county’s $2.6 billion other post-employee benefit liability. And they don’t like her collaboration with the three liberal supervisors who dominate the board: John Gioia, Susan Bonilla and Federal Glover.

But Piepho has consistently argued that in order to advance her conservative fiscal positions, as one vote, she must work closely with the board majority rather than engage in counter-productive hostile rhetoric from the dais.

Gee, and we thought this was a nonpartisan seat. Yeah, right.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen