Hear the Supreme Court’s gun-ban arguments

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning heard its first case in 70 years on interpreting the right to bear arms granted under the Second Amendment, dealing with Washington, D.C.’s ban on private handgun possession.

The court took the special step of releasing a recording of the oral arguments immediately, so if you’ve got about 90 minutes to spare, here it is via C-SPAN:

Read any of the dozens of briefs here. And here’s the Washington Post’s take.

Josh Richman

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  • The right to bear arms was not granted by the second amendment. The second amendment enumberated an existing right at the time it was adopted. That may seem a small difference but I think it is significant.

  • Ride Smart

    What are you saying Ride Fast? Sounds like your trying to sound smart on something you obviously know nothing about. What do you think “arms” are anyway? Swords?