‘Sloophole’ ad to run in Sacramento and Walnut Creek

The Courage Campaign, a progressive grassroots California political action committee, says it has raised enough cash to air its 30-second “Yacht Party” advertisement in Sacramento.

UPDATE 3/26/08: Ad will now run also San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Palm Springs.

The ad has gotten quite a bit of attention. It’s a clever poke at Assembly Republicans who refused to close a tax that allows purchasers of boats, RVs and other recreational toys to keep them out-of-state for 90 days and and avoid paying sales taxes.

Republicans say the tax would raise very little money and hurt local marinas and other local businesses. That’s all true. It would raise only an estimated $20 million, a fraction of the state’s $8 billion deficit next year.

But at a time when the state may have to lay off thousands of teachers and cut services to the poor, the symbolism of allowing a yacht buyer to sit in Mexico for three months to avoid paying taxes is hitting a nerve.

The Courage Campaign says the ad will run Wednesday on CNN, MSNBC, the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Here’s the ad:

Lisa Vorderbrueggen