Will Gerber go green on Earth Day?

Presumed GOP congressional nominee Nick Gerber of Moraga, a considerable underdog in the race against six-term Democratic incumbent Ellen Tauscher in a heavily Democratic district, is making up for what he lacks in cash with excessive creativity.

Gerber will host the free goGerber.org Earth Day Event on April 19, 11am – 3 p.m., in Civic Park in Walnut Creek.

Bring the kids, he says, for bead making, face painting, paper airplane contests, crafts and games, a raffle and a giveaway of 500 reusable grocery store bags.

He doesn’t mention it but I’m pretty sure Gerber wants you to bring along your checkbook, too.

This is the same guy who is raising money for charity at the same time he collects for his own campaign.

This is the same guy who also offered to shave his beard if his supporters raised $100,000 for his campaign.

But the last time I saw Gerber, he still sported quite a bit of facial hair. If he expects to get his face painted — a nice shade of green in honor of the day, perhaps? — he’ll have to step up that fund-raising.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    If it weren’t for this blog, and his own website, Nick Gerber would get no coverage at all.

    LISA V. QUESTION: What do you think about that, RR? I give Gerber attention in the blog because he pesters me and it’s sometimes easier to post rather than argue! (As one of my blogging colleagues recently opined.) Gerber says he should get equal coverage with the incumbent because voters will never know what he’s about if the media doesn’t cover him. That may sound good in theory. But I’m a pragmatist. Gerber has very little chance of beating Rep. Ellen Tauscher regardless of media coverage. And since I only have so many hours in a day, I have to devote my time to those incumbents and candidates with higher odds of becoming the decision-makers whose actions readers want or will want to follow.

  • Renegade GOP

    Well give Gerber credit for trying to be inovative. But you are right Lisa he is a no hope candidate. His problem is he is too serious. He should loosen up and have more fun.

  • RR

    You are quite right. Simply announcing one’s candidacy doesn’t entitle one to news coverage. Ask Mike Gravel or Steve Filson, Mr Gerber. If the GOP were serious about challenging in CD-10, cash would go to someone with at least a little name-recognition. As it is, Mr Gerber is hardly any better known now than he was when he started his quest. To paraphrase Walter Lippmann , Nick Gerber is a nice, intelligent man who, without any particular qualifications for the job, would very much like to be a Member of Congress.

  • Dan

    Why is Guy Houston allowed to send out newsletters (at public expense) while his name is on the ballot albeit for another office. This the second mailer I received in the last two weeks

    NOTE FROM LISA V: Dan, it’s the incumbent advantage. He’s still an Assemblyman and as such, he can still conduct business as a n Assemblyman regardless of his other political activities.

  • Renegade GOP

    Good analysis RR. But let me add that in politics serious politicians don’t run for seats they have no hope of winning. The costs of running a campaign are so high that who wants to run a lost cause campaign just for the ego trip.

    Just look around locally. The Tom Del Baccaro led local GOP had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to run people in the 7th and 10th congressional districts and 11th state assembly and 7th State senate districts. Now compare that to the cavalcade of disparate Republicans candidates who piled into the 15th assembly district smack-down contest. This group is the most esoterically disparate bunch I have ever seen.

    Robert Rao the conservatives heart of darkness who sees the world coming to an end via Sacramento.

    Judy Lloyd the candidate who wants to bring Ronald Reagan back from the dead since she could not do it by serving the failed presidency of GWB.

    Abram Wilson the developers best friend and a leader who won’t put his personal vanity aside and finish the massive redevelopment job he started in San Ramon. The mere fact that he is running before its completion give me pause. Why not finish the job you started Abram?

    Scott Kamina the patrician son of a Democrat Mayor. The one thing that turned me off about his candidacy is the his ill temper over anyone competing with him for the job and the sense of entitlement Kamina felt that because his Daddies machine supported Guy Houston he was entitled to the job.

    Too Bad Joe Rubay dropped out. After reviewing this group he might have had a goofy Mike Huckabee honesty to this campaign and set himself up for future office. Joe you need to get over your aversion to raising money from others and spending your own money on the campaign.