Democratic Party delegate deadline on Wednesday

Any registered Democrat in California still has time to run for one of the 241 up-for-grabs delegate seats for the party’s national presidential convention in Denver on Aug. 25-28. The deadline to file as a delegate candidate is Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The campaigns for presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will hold caucus elections on April 13 in each of California’s 53 Congressional districts. Based on the results of California’s Feb. 5 primary election, Clinton will receive 134 and Obama 107 delegates.

To be successful, a candidate must secure the winning number of votes at the caucus of his or her Congressional district. Many delegate hopefuls are already campaigning to bring their friends and neighbors out to the caucuses.

The balance of California’s 441 delegates include members of Congress, party leaders and a slate of mayors and other local elected officials who will be selected by the party in May.

All delegates must pay their own airfare, hotel, meals and other expenses, estimated to be about $2,500.

For information on how the process works and how to apply to become a candidate, visit www.cadem.org and click on “Become a Delegate!”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen