Dems announce caucus locations

The locations for the California Democratic Party caucuses where members will select their Congressional district-level delegates to the national convention in Denver in August have been announced.

Click here for caucuses for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

Click here for caucuses for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

To see how many delegates have been allocated to each Congressional district, click here.

You still have another day to sign up and run as a delegate before the filing deadline. Click here for more information.

To my Republican readers who want to know why I’m not writing about the GOP delegates, those folks were selected in January by the campaign of presumptive Republican nominee and Sen. John McCain.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • What I find interesting, is the given, that every year State workers expect taxes to be raised and they automatically get a raise. We see HWY Patrol getting 95 percent of their pay in retirement as early as age 51. For you who think this is fair, what state workers retirement do you want to take it from. Oh I see the rest of us are supposto to sacrafice our lives and futures so the State employees can work and retire like Millionairs. A simple fact To get 100,000 per year in retirement A person would have to have 2.5 million in a safe investment, and many of the state workers get more than 100 thousand retirement.

  • Bernie Quigley

    I know that the CHP and the Prison guards get the 95% retirement deal. What about other state workers: what deal do the clerks etc. get? just curious

  • Well I believe the retirement for state workers is 75 percent. We don’t know what teachers earn or retire on because they spend millions hiding that from us ( Imputed pay, Starting pay from the lowest paid district Etc) What I am saying is this. The employee unions have elected pimps who are owned by the unions they will never get enough. Meanwhile peoples lives and futures are being destroyed by taxes. Most people who own their own houses will have to sell them if they try to retire. If you want to add to your home, buy a nice car, swiming pool the Gov punishes you with taxes. Here is a fair solution Mandate no person who works for the Gov can get more than 50 percent of their pay in retirement, pay 1/3 of their medical premium, and return class size to 30 to one. also test students starting in the 2nd grade if by the 8th if they will not or can not do the work they should be expelled. If business needs workers let them set up their own schools. The other side of the coin is runaway spending and bankruptsy for the state.