DeSaulnier named to head Transportation Committee

Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, has been named chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee.

Under DeSaulnier, the Transportation Committee may never be the same. The panel’s vice chairman also sports a name with French origins, Assemblyman Mike Duvall, R-Brea.

As the unofficial Assembly “French Caucus,” DeSaulnier says the pair will institute immediate changes. The committee will now serve wine and baguettes, take two-hour lunches and have afternoon naps. Members will also receive an eight-week, paid vacation every summer.

(He’s kidding.)

And this is different from what they do now in what way?

(I’m kidding. French bread has way too many carbs.)

Seriously, though, it’s a prestigious if short gig.

DeSaulnier is leaving the Assembly at the end of the year. He’s running unopposed for the state Senate in the upcoming Democratic primary election on June 3.

He will have a Republican opponent in November, political unknown businessman Christian Amsberry of Walnut Creek. But barring a massive political misstep, DeSaulnier is highly likely to prevail in November the heavily Democratic Senate District 7.

DeSaulnier landed the Assembly post as part of a leadership cascade that started when outgoing Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez stripped two members of their chairmanships after they conspired against him in the fight to name Assemblywoman Karen Bass as the new speaker.

As a result, the former Transportation Committee Chairman and Assemblyman Pedro Nava, D-Santa Barbara, is moving to chair the banking committee.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    Lisa how you can even posit that Christian Amsberry will beat DeSaulnier if he makes a mistake. that is crazy. This kid was drafted at the last minute by local GOP party hacks who out of desperation who wanted anyone to run for the seat. They even paid his fees for him to run. The Contra Costa GOP is so bankrupt that there were no credible candidates to run for the 10th congressional, 11th assembly and 7th senatoral seats.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    When I wrote “misstep,” I was talking about something really, really major like prison time or an ankle tracking bracelet … I wasn’t serious!

    Lisa v.

  • Renegade GOP

    I understand what you were saying Lisa.

    What I find interesting is how DeSaulnier is closing the political circle in his life. I believe his Father was a State Senator from one of the New England States.

    DeSaulnier can do anything he wants politically. He is just starting to realize his massive talent. The idiots at the CCGOP (Leach-Giglio era) missed a golden opportunity by not embracing him early in his political career when he was a Republican. Now the local Republicans only watch his career grow and grow while they become less and less relevant.


    Christian Amsberry and his dog were in my alumni newspaper recently. It didn’t say what he did for a living, it eluded to him just spending his days hanging with his dog. Probably another Republikan trust fund baby. The Republikans are so desperate that they’ll fund a no one in the political circle just to not look like they couldn’t find someone. What a joke. (And yes, the k is intentional in Republikan)