Women speak out on politics and campaigning

On-line polls at www.BettyConfidential.com say most women won’t feel discouraged if New York Sen. Hillary Clinton fails to win the presidential nomination.

The women who responded also say they typically support the same candidate as their spouses and feel the campaigns are too ugly, according to a press release from the organization.

Keep in mind, these are not scientific polls but appear to be on-line responses to questions on the site, which is geared toward women with features on politics, careers, family, sex and child-raising.

Read on to see the full press release.

In a series of BettyConfidential.com “Feel the Pulse of Women” polls conducted between Feb. 17-April 7, a vast majority of women would not feel disheartened by politics should Hillary Clinton not win the nomination, generally support the same presidential candidate as their spouse, and feel that the presidential campaign has gotten too ugly.

“I think women are feeling a sense of power in this election cycle that they have not felt in the past. They are seeing a piece of themselves when they look at Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barak Obama because they can relate to their own internal struggles or identity within the context of their American experience,” says BettyConfidential.com’s Editor-in-Chief Deborah Perry Piscione. “Women are excited by the historic nature of this election, but they still are most interested in who will do the most for the country,” Perry Piscione continued. The specific questions and responses to some of BettyConfidential.com “Feel the Pulse of Women” polls are as follows:

Poll Results Poll Results

Poll Results Poll Results

Poll Results

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Lisa Vorderbrueggen