Contra Costa GOP elects new chairman

The Contra Costa County Republican Party on Tuesday night elected a new chairman.

Greg Poulos will take over the post from Tom Del Beccaro, who is very busy as the state party vice chairman raising money for the cash-strapped group.

Interestingly, to keep the job, Poulos will have to win re-election to the Republican Central Committee on June 3. He’s one of 15 people running for eight seats in District 3. Four of the five GOP districts have contested elections this year, an unusual phenomenon as most voters know little about these committees and less about who serves on them. (The central committees of each political party have five districts, which match the county’s five supervisorial district boundaries.)

Here’s the press release the party sent out:

“I am deeply honored to have been elected Chairman of the Contra Costa Republican Party. It is a great responsibility which carries with it great opportunities to advance the cause of the GOP locally.” Poulos said, “I owe a debt of gratitude to my political mentor Tom Del Beccaro,an inspiring leaderwho motivates people to action. And action is what we need to accomplish our objectives this year.”

Poulos previously served on the CCRP Executive Committee as COO and Parliamentarian. He takes over the leadership of the County GOP from Tom Del Beccaro, who is currently the Vice Chair of the CA GOP. Del Beccaro hailed the election of Poulos in saying, “I am pleased that we have as dedicated a volunteer as Greg assuming this position. The CCRP is committed to moving forward in a unified fashion toward victory this fall in the important AD 15 and CD 11 races.”

California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring welcomed Poulos in saying, “I’m delighted to see the Republican Party in Contra Costa has elected such a capable leader as Greg Poulos as its new Chairman. Contra Costa is a critically important county in the region, and the state, and I’m pleased to see the party has elected solid leadership to continue the party’s growth in the county.”

“As a former county party chairman myself, I know what it takes to lead a Republican committee in a large, competitive county. I’m totally confident Greg has exactly the skills and tenacity needed for victory”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    The county GOP is setting itself up for more decline and disappointment. Any party that loses elections as consistently as the Bay Area GOP isn;t going to fix things by relying on activist kooks and single-issue weirdos completely out of step with the voters. (Democrats do that now and are in deep trouble once Bush is gone from the scene.) The so-called “solid leadership” has witnessed the entrenching of the Democratic party in this region that ensures its dominance for a generation. Picking a score of names from the registration rolls would be more effective in bringing forward new leadership.

  • Tony Andrade

    The Republican Party has great opportunity to win the heart, mind and hopes if the independant voter by exposing the platform of the Democrats.
    The Democrats have presented by legislation the following:
    Men who dress like women must be permitted to use womans bathrooms.
    Any woman in labor must be permitted to have a Abortion
    Parents who spank their children will be criminals and sent to Jail.
    Taxes must be raised to solve their spending habits.
    Illegals must be given Driver license.
    The age for consenual sex must be lowered from 18 to
    14 to protect the pedophiles.
    Kids 5 year old and up must be taught in the public school system to be homosexual.

  • Renegade GOP

    Right on the money RR. The Contra Costa GOP, where irrelevant people do irrelevant things. A great place to waste your time!