Tauscher wins commuter advocacy award

The Association for Commuter Transportation has named Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, as its its 2008 “Legislator of the Year.”

The Washington, D.C.-based transportation advocacy organization said Tauscher has supported legislative initiatives that help commuters escape the high price of gasoline, including a law that would make it easier for local communities to use federal resources to start and expand vanpool programs.

They also say Tauscher championed legislation that would increase the cap on the monthly transit benefits and help transit riders with the most expensive trips eligible to utilize the transportation fringe benefit offered by local transit agencies in accordance with federal tax laws.

“It’ an honor to receive this award and to be recognized on behalf of the commuters both in my district and across the country,” Tauscher said in a prepared release. “Commuting isn’t just about getting to and from work; it’s about how much time you spend with your family instead of on the roads, how much money you can save versus the cost of daily travel, and how much our daily routines are affecting the air quality of our communities. Good commuter policy is about finding safe, cost effective, and environmentally sound options for all types of commuters and I am committed to developing these strategies to make everyone’s life a little easier.”

Tauscher’s “commitment to expanding options for her constituent’s and her dedication to improving the nation’s transportation system should be recognized” said ACT President Jon Martz. “The price of getting to and from work is making it tough for many Americans to make ends meet. One way Congress can provide immediate assistance is by promoting alternative transportation options such as carpooling, vanpooling, telework, and transit.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    Kudos to Rep. Tauscher. As for the ACT prez, he’s an idiot. Mass transit is not intended as a class-leveller. If it were, the Poor would ride free of charge to their low-paying jobs. Mass transit is intended to reduce traffic congestion by moving large numbers of people from home to work and place to place. It is supposed to be income-neutral. If it is not, it’s because mass transit does such a lousy job that people try to avoid its use.

  • JAP

    Congrats to Cong. Tauscher, its good to see our Congresswoman working for real solutions. I disagree with the last comment, the ACT Prez hits on a good point, rising fuel costs are making it tough for me to feed my family, and I have a good job with good pay. Its good to see that she and this organization, ACT, are working to give me some options…..keep up the good work.