Anti-GOP ad generates heat

I’ve just watched the second political ad slamming the California Republican Party as the “Yacht Party. ”

I need a cigarette. Or a cold shower. Oh my.

Very sexy people on board a yacht are pouring champagne on each others’ near naked, swimsuit-clad, lip-locked, tanned bodies before they thank the GOP for keeping intact earlier this year a tax loophole that allows yacht and aircraft buyers to avoid paying sales taxes.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

It will air tonight in Sacramento on the eve of the release of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s revised budget for the next fiscal year, a document expected to produce more bad news for lawmakers beset with only unpopular choices: Cut programs, raises taxes or both.

Republicans rightfully call it a symbolic attack. Closing the so-called “sloophole” would bring in just a fraction of what the state needs to maintain services to schools, prisons and the myriad programs it supports.

But the issue is resonating with voters frustrated over potentially deep cuts to schools and services for the elderly, poor and children while someone with enough cash to buy yacht or airplane can store their new purchases out of the country for 90 days and avert a sales tax bill.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen