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Obama’s ‘Committed Christian’ mailer

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at 2:43 pm in Barack Obama, Elections, General, Mike Huckabee.

Take a look at this mailer the Obama campaign is sending to Kentucky voters in advance of that state’s May 20 primary:


It’s very much like a mailer Obama used in South Carolina back in January. It certainly seems to be the candidate’s attempt to dispel lingering myths about him being a Muslim, and to have socially conservative Christian Democrats rally to him.

Remember the hue and cry — per Associated Press (via CBS News), the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, USA Today and about six billion blogs — when Mike Huckabee ran this TV ad last Christmas with the cruciform image in the background?

So, were both Huckabee and Obama over the line, or one and not the other, or neither?

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  • jojo ba

    Dear Barack Obama. I voted for you in the CA primary. Please keep your religion out of our politics. otherwise, Go Obama!