Schwarzenegger to attend a ‘yacht party’ in SF

757-st_tropez.JPGA public relations consultant for Frauscher, a European yacht manufacturer, says Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will attend the unveiling of the world’s first hybrid yacht engine this Friday morning, May 16, at San Francisco’s St. Francis Yacht Club

Wait, what was that? Gov. Schwarzenegger… at a yacht event? After California’s Democrats have spent months striving to portray Republican lawmakers as the “yacht party” for refusing to close the state’s yacht-tax loophole? In the same week that he has rolled out a May budget revision based mainly on borrowing billions while enacting deep social-services cuts to close the state’s massive deficit?


Here’s the Courage Campaign‘s new advertisement knocking the “Yacht Party,” unveiled and aired just yesterday:

And here’s the news release from the yacht company:

Frauscher, the renowned European yacht manufacturer, will unveil the first production hybrid propulsion system at the global launch for the new engine on Friday, May 16th at the San Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. California Chris-Craft, the world’s premier dealer of fine leisure boats, will be the first distributor in the world to offer the new Frauscher Hybrids. The launch will include demonstrations and sea trials throughout the day. The Governor’s office in Sacramento has confirmed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be present at the event. Other dignitaries scheduled to attend include California Secretary for Environmental Protection, Linda Adams; California Secretary for Resources. Mike Chrisman and Martin Weiss, Consul General of Austria.

Frauscher has equipped its full line of luxury boats with the breakthrough propulsion system in collaboration with Steyr Motors, the highly regarded diesel engine innovators. The environmentally friendly hybrid solution marks a new chapter in the history of pleasure craft propulsion. It not only assures zero emission and low speed maneuvering in harbors, noiseless drive on inland waterways and nature reserves but also eliminates the need for separate generator units for other onboard equipment.

The Frauscher Hybrid System offers a smooth, noiseless start and can move out of a marina without burning any fuel. The electric engine smoothly and powerfully starts the diesel engine and the battery is recharged while the diesel engine provides efficient speed and acceleration.

The ‘zero emission’ electric drive mode allows for a speed of 5 knots using solely electric propulsion and switches to the diesel engine with an easy turn of the key. The ingenious propulsion system then gets ‘boosted’ by the electric drive creating faster acceleration while lowering fuel consumption response and dynamics.

The firm that sent the release — which I see specializes “in luxury lifestyle, entertainment and fashion public relations” — insists the governor’s office has indeed confirmed his attendance on Friday, and that the event was moved from Thursday to Friday expressly to accommodate his schedule. I’ve not yet heard back from the governor’s press office (swamped with budget inquiries today, no doubt) to confirm it with them.

If this really is on the up-and-up, one assumes Schwarzenegger will argue tax-free hybrid yachts are good not only for California business, but for the environment as well. Way to try to flip the script, governor…

UPDATE @ 5:50 P.M. THURSDAY: The governor’s office just sent out an advisory that he has no planned public events Friday, but “will hold private meetings in San Francisco and Los Angeles.” Will one of those private meetings be at a Yacht Club, as the P.R. person reiterated to me this morning? We’ll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE @ 3:34 P.M. FRIDAY: No Arnold at the yacht club. 🙁

Josh Richman

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  • Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • I know some California injured workers who would love to attend too, but unfortunately they are too busy trying to keep their families from being thrown out into the streets due to the Governor’s pimping and pandering for the insurance companies!

  • arnold’s father was a Nazi SS officer. the governator recently wore an SS skull and bone belt buckle on the cover of Newsweek.. peacefully get arnold out of power, he is a tyrant.