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Barbara Lee to help settle Michigan/Florida flap

By Josh Richman
Monday, May 19th, 2008 at 3:52 pm in Barack Obama, Barbara Lee, Democratic Party, Elections.

lee3.jpgThe California Democratic Party and district delegates, meeting yesterday to ratify the remaining delegate seats, named Rep. Barbara Lee to the Credentials Standing Committee for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

This committee will help decide how to resolve the issue of the Michigan and Florida primary elections — votes that were held early in direct, knowing violation of party rules — including whether and how the delegations from those states will be seated at the convention in Denver this summer. Lee, D-Oakland, said in a news release the convention “promises to add momentum to one of the most historic elections in our nation’s history,” and she’s “honored and excited” to play this part.

Remember, Lee was the first California member of Congress to endorse Barack Obama (long before California held its primary Feb. 5, and long before it became clear that superdelegates like her would become the vital battleground in this race) and has served as western regional co-chair of Obama’s national campaign. Lee said she’s confident that Obama will be the nominee and that “our party will leave the convention united and ready to win back the White House in November;” don’t look for her to cast any votes on this committee that would contravene the Obama campaign’s wishes.

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