Giant ‘ATM’ headed to Walnut Creek

If Democrats and Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger can go around the state holding press conferences about taxes, then by golly, the taxpayers groups can do it, too.

On Thursday morning at 10, a collection of local fiscal conservatives will gather in Civic Park in Walnut Creek in front of a 12-foot, inflated ATM to make the point that they are tired of being taxed.

It’s one of the many moving pieces in the state’s contentious debate about whether California has a spending problem or a revenue problem. State lawmakers are struggling to cope with a nearly $16 billion estimated deficit next fiscal year.

The over-sized ATM, meanwhile, is part of statewide tour and wwwDontTaxCa.com, a dedicated page at the web site of nationwide anti-tax group Americans For Prosperity. whose board of directors includes former GOP congressman Art Pope of North Carolina and one-time Federal Trade Commission Chairman James C. Miller. (Don’t you just love the names of these groups? This one is, of course, the ideological counterpart to “Americans Adamantly Opposed To Any Form of Prosperity.”)

On the local invite list are San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson, Contra Costa Tax Collector Bill Pollacek, Antioch Councilman Arne Simonsen, Contra Costa Taxpayers Association Director Kris Hunt and Assembly District 15 GOP candidate Robert Rao. (Wilson and Rao are both AD15 candidates. No word on whether the other two candidates, Judy Lloyd and Scott Kamena were invited.)

Whaddya bet this air-filled ATM has a PIN and it’s “G I M M I C K?”

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Grassroots Members of Americans for Prosperity and a Coalition of California Taxpayers Bring Campaign to Oppose Tax Increases to Contra Costa

Statewide “Already Taxed to the Max!” Tour Continues with Giant A.T.M.

Contra Costa, CA – As Sacramento Lawmakers battle over the budget, Americans for Prosperity California chapter is coming to Contra Costa, as part of a statewide media tour and petition drive calling on legislators to stop pork barrel spending and stop treating the taxpayers like anA.T.M. every time they can’t get their spending under control.

The coalition is coming to town with a 12-foot inflatable A.T.M. to raise awareness about the out-of-control spending. For more information, please visit www.DontTaxCA.com

WHEN: Tuesday, May 20th – 10:00 am
WHO: Abram Wilson, Mayor San Ramon; Bill Pollacek, Contra Costa Treasurer-Tax Collector; Arne Simonsen, Antioch City Council, Small Business Owner, Past – Chair of League of Cities Revenue and Taxation Committee; Kris Hunt, Executive Director Contra Costa Taxpayers Association; Robert Rao, Candidate Assembly District 15; and David Spady, Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity, California
WHAT: “Already Taxed to the Max” Statewide Campaign and Tour
WHERE: Civic Park Walnut Creek, 1375 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek,
CA 94596

Lisa Vorderbrueggen