Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • She is the one of the most liberal Democrats, her ideas fit in with Fabian or Don. Here are a few thoughts. Raise sales taxes to 10 percent, license fees to 2000 per car. property taxes 50 percent, surcharge the rich any making over 80 thousand. Then give the Hwy patrol 150 percent of their pay in retirement, give the teachers 25 percent pay raises instead of 15 percent give the adminstrators 100,000 per year more, the legislators can drive RR. and the rest of gov workers and spongers 20 percent more. And guess what next year they will be screaming for more. Vallejo had the right idea, the state should be next. DC

  • Polling in Ca. First they ask here are your two choices, give the schools 30 percent more or 20 percent more. you don’t want either but you pick 20 percent then the poll says the people want to spend more on schools. Next go to Buzerkley to take the poll, every other person is a teacher or gets a check from schools. The best solution for Ca is to declare BK and start over. I will wait and watch.