Houston strikes back with anti-Piepho mailer

Guy Houston, a soon-to-be-termed-out Assemblyman who is challenging incumbent Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho, struck back this week with a hard-hitting mailer of his own.

Several independent groups have already sent out anti-Houston fliers including one that targets his legal woes stemming from a civil case filed by elderly investors in his family’s business. Others originated with the California Association of Realtors (he is a Realtor and a member of this association), a move he says has its roots in a conflict over one of his bills. (Click here to see my story on the subject today.)

Houston’s new anti-Piepho mailer focuses on the Board of Supervisors’ Dec. 20, 2006, vote to hike their base pay 60 percent from $59,916 a year to $95,568.

The total dollar amount per year is a relative drop in the bucket– $178,260 a year combined for the five board members — compared to the county’s budget.

But the board came under heavy fire for the decision, particularly from county employees who had just settled a new contract with no raise in 2006 and 2 percent hikes in 2007 and 2008.

Board members argued that they were the lowest paid among their peers in the Bay Area and given their responsibilities and long work hours, they deserved more money. Don’t we all?

Warranted or not, folks warned the board that it was a decision that would bit the incumbents in the next election.

And so, here it is.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    That is the best flyer I have seen this year. Piepho with a Santa cap on WOW!! I hope she will be sporting it to the Contra Costa GOP opps I mean Democrat Xmas party this year!!

  • Doug

    Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our office holders were selfless public servants? $95K for a more than full-time leadership job does not strike me as out of line. Union members might want to check out how much they are paying their leadership.

  • RR

    I’m missing something here. What’s so hot about holding down a county supe’s job? Isn’t it a step down for Houston?

  • RR

    Ho,ho ho! Mary Piepho looks cute in an Xmas cap. Maybe she’s got some goodies for the rest of us, too!

  • Bernie Quigley

    The Supervisors’ $95k salary about half of what a Vallejo cop makes.

    I didn’t notice Guy Houston giving back his Assembly pay raise, nor the money he took from his campaign contributors for the junkets to Ireland and Maui.

  • Arne Simonsen

    So when I look up “hypocrite” will I see a picture of Guy Houston for the pay raises he has received in the past 6 years as an Assemblyman; or will I see the excessive daily per diem he receives each day the Assembly is in session (even though they have many 5 minute sessions, so they all can collect that daily per diem on top of their salary)?

    Unlike most cities where members of the council are part-time, being a Supervisor is a full-time job. Just look at the long list of collateral assignments they have to numerous boards, associations and regional commissions.

    Plus, a county is a direct arm of the state government (incorporated cities are not) and carry out state functions.

    If that is all Guy Houston has for a so-called “hit piece” he is really in trouble.


    The Supervisors do deserve to be paid more. The problem is the politicians go for years with out improving their pay. So then they go ahead and raise their pay 60%. So yeah regular working folks who can’t vote themselves a pay raise get annoyed then things like this happen.

    I think the BOS deserves a pay raise but they should have been less ham handed about it and improved there pay incrementally.

    This was my problem with Piepho all along. She is inexperienced and decisions like the pay raise issue proves the point. So Houston is correct to point the 60% pay raise out and highlight it. It shows the difference between them. So how about that Arne a choice in an election!! Go get them Houston!!

  • Patriot Johnny

    All I can say is ” Ho Ho Ho ” for the unions.

  • There must be multiple versions of this mailer. The one I received yesterday pictured Piepho with a crown dubbing her the “Queen of Smear”. As if Houston’s mailer itself is not a smear of the stupidest kind.

  • Patriot Johnny

    Brian, They are resorting back to thier childhood…

    He did it, No, She did it, No He did it….

    This is one of the sadest low handed campains I have seen at the County level.