Piepho mailer mimics Times’ front page

Okay, this is not the worst thing I’ve seen on a mailer but it definitely straddles the line.

Contra Costa Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho sent this two-sided invitation to a neighborhood reception. It was obviously designed to look like a front page of the Contra Costa Times.

Granted, the Times editorial board endorsed her over challenger, Assemblyman Guy Houston. The editorial did contain the words she used in the faux headline. And the mailer doesn’t exactly copy our masthead or headline typeface.

But if her campaign had asked us for permission to use our front page in a campaign mailer, we would have said no. It potentially misleads recipients to think this page actually existed. We don’t allow the outside use of our masthead. We don’t put endorsements on the front page. And our headline only said, “Re-elect Piepho.”

It’s pushing it. It’s really pushing it.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen