Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Danvilledan

    I watched the video and the first words out of his mouth was fear. When will they stop with the fear card. Then he talks about ethics. Please refer to Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Vito Fossella, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney. All Republicans. He better find something else to talk about.


    What an amazing sight. There were actually real Republicans on the podium who had won elections. Maybe Mr. Andal should take a lesson from Mr. McCain and run against Washington DC. Of course that might be too much to ask now that he is in the pocket of minority leader Boehner.

    You are right Lisa he needs to get animated because he has the burden of the Bill Baker Legacy and the failed GOP.

    And how about the old Stockton Records video? That video blows away anything on the CC Times sight.

  • RR

    The GOP has got plenty to worry about this year and getting back this CD shouldn’t be a priority. Maybe in 2010, but not this year, at least as of this date.


    Sad to say but the GOP is dead for now. Just look at the veto override on the recent farm bill. The elected DC Republicans don’t get it. Additionally Andal’s fund raising is terrible. McNerney is raising lots of money. Remember McNerney is a nobody who defeated a seven term congressman.

    I think the race for district 11 would have been a lot more fun if Robert Rao had run for Congress.

  • RR

    RENEGADE is right. The GOP hereabouts is on the endangered species list. Andal’s loftiest goal is avoiding a complete wipe-out.

  • That was HILARIOUS. It’s the new “Dean’s scream”.

    An unhinged GOP’er screaming like a professional wrestler one minute and talking about the sobering threat of islamo-facism the next. Cool.

    Thanks, Lisa.