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Political Haiku, Vol. 1

By Josh Richman
Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 6:35 am in Barack Obama, Elections, haiku, John McCain, President Bush, same-sex marriage.

McClellan pans Bush,
a book we all saw coming.
Yet Karl Rove is shocked.

McCain banks more cash
both in Reno and SoCal –
none for GI bill?

Barack said Auschwitz
but really meant Buchenwald

A gaffe? Do we care?

Gay marriage starts soon
unless court stays its own hand.
Must we cast votes first?

C’mon, everybody – five syllables, then seven, then five (yes, I know that’s oversimplified, but I don’t speak Japanese). Bring it on!

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  • Rosa

    Barack Obama
    The long primary nightmare
    Hillary Clinton

  • Cecil Robinson

    China now writes
    for us to see
    the verdict from the case
    “ME V. WE”

  • Betty Enoch


    Hillary is gone
    She just doesn’t know it yet
    Who dares to tell her?

  • Cecil Robinson

    Hillery knows
    she is “Right And White”
    for which she’s
    just began to fight