Baby, do you want to drive my car?

Public Employees Union Local 1 business agent Rollie Katz offered to drive Contra Costa County supervisors Federal Glover and Mary Nejedly Piepho and Sheriff Warren Rupf on a lobbying excursion to the office of Assemblyman Guy Houston, R-San Ramon.

“Local 1 will pay for the gas but we’ll probably go to one of his district offices (Walnut Creek, Livermore or Brentwood) and given the price of gas,” Katz says.

Katz says the county officials need to push Houston to vote for a state budget with both new revenues and cuts as the best means to protect the county’s flagging financial picture. Republicans have vowed to block any efforts to raise taxes.

So far, Katz doesn’t have any takers. (He’s the top union executive for the labor group that represents many county workers.)

To start, Katz drives a Chevy Malibu. Not exactly what you’d call a sweet ride.

Besides, Piepho and Rupf are unlikely to get in the same car with each other. Rupf has been actively supporting Houston to replace her in today’s election.

But maybe if Katz hired one of those big, stretch limos with lots and lots and lots of room?

Photo of Rollie Katz speaking at the Board of Supervisors uploaded from Public Employee Union Local One website. Photo of stretch limo uploaded from Main Events Limousine web page.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen