Political central committees pick new faces

The elected central committees of Contra Costa County’s two major political parties will see some new and familiar faces after Tuesday’s election. (UPDATE: 6/6/08 10:04 a.m. See correction below on Republican District 3, where I incorrectly stated that six people won seats. It was eight. Thanks, Joe Rubay., for catching that mistake.)

In the Democratic Central Committee, potential rivals for the group’s leadership position, Brian Lawrence and Chuck Carpenter, appear to have both won their elections.

But Republicans failed to re-elect Greg Poulos, their new chairman. Poulos recently took on the job after Tom Del Beccaro resigned in order to devote more time to his work as the state party vice chairman. Treasurer Darcy Linn also lost her seat.

There are some mail-in and provisional ballots left to count and some of these races were very close and could change. But here are the results so far:

Contra Costa Democratic Central Committee

District 2 (vote for 5): Incumbents Rich Verrilli, Herman Blackmon and Diddo Clark were re-elected. Newly elected members include former Pinole councilwoman Maria Alegria and former Martinez mayor Michael Menesini. Unsuccessful challengers include John Hall, Robert Nolan, Craig Cataline, Kathy Klein, Robert Klein, Christine Kiernan and Linda Kilday.

District 3 (vote for 4): Incumbents Frank Quattro and Raymond link were re-elected. New members are Ellen Nelson and Barbara Rainwater. Unsuccessful challengers include Christine McGinnis, Rao Kaza and Penny Dennenberg.

District 4 (vote for four): Incumbents Marie McDonald, Carlyn Obringer, Brian Lawrence and Chuck Carpenter were re-elected. Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Barrett received 4,734 votes but it wasn’t quite enough to put her into the seat.

District 5 (vote for four): Incumbents George Van Hasselt, Greg Enholm and Angel Luevano win re-election. The newly elected member is Sharon Mossman, who beat her incumbent husband, Richard Mossman. Also unsuccessful was Rosa Argentina Davila-Luevano.

Contra Costa Rep. Central Committee

District 1: (vote for two) Incumbents Derek Daniels and Richard Hallock win re-election. Challenger Derek Daniels is unsuccessful.

District 2: (vote for six) Incumbents Steve Le Gardeur, Tom Del Beccaro and Tom Fryer win re-election. Newly elected members are Stephen Sonaty, Jonathan Del Arroz and Virginia Fuller. Incumbent Edward Gorzynski Jr. lost.

District 3: (vote for eight) Incumbents Jo Anne Erickson, Eugene Kreps and Yvette Abreu win re-election. Newly elected members are Chuck Handwork, Ken Hambrick, Joe Rubay, Gretchen Medel and Becky Kolberg. Unsuccessful candidates include incumbents Terri Tonge and Greg Poulos. Unsuccessful challengers were Sean Ackley, Chris Becnel, Michael Caporusso, Larry Kaye and Matthew Del Carlo.

District 4 (vote for 4) Incumbents Elizabeth Hansen, Grace Ellis and Patty O’Day win re-election. The fourth-place finisher was Sean Brennan. Incumbent Darcy Linn, the party treasurer, was unsuccessful, along with challengers Karen Luethke, Phyllis Stout, Barry Cunningham, Jun Dam and Bill Gram-Reefer.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    Democrats- I hope Chuck Carpenter becomes the chair. He is a great guy.

    Republicans- Now that Tommy Del Baccaro’s handpicked successor Greg Poulos has been defeated it is time to elect a new chair of the CC GOP. I believe the CC GOP needs leader who can cover the rifts created by the Del Baccaro era. Therefore I believe that Joe Rubay should be the next chair of the Contra Costa Republican party. That is right Joe Rubay. Say it again Joe Rubay. He has skills to unit this fractured party and give it a coherent message.

    Calling Joe Rubay!!! You are tanned rested and ready from your last campaign and now is your time to take command of this rudderless ship.

  • sfxeb

    I second the idea of Joe Rubay. He is one of the few individuals on the committee who can heal the rift Tom and his supporters caused. Joe is honest and unlike many, truly cares for the party.

    The recent election results should send a loud message to the committee. The damage they have caused is starting to slowly creep back and bite them in the behind. It is generally considered “not a stable” situation within a group when the Chairman and the Treasurer can not get elected back onto the committee. It is especially more damaging since this is an election year.

    How can the GOP hold on to AD15 and take back CD10 when the Central Committee has been torn apart by bad leadership? Elections can not be won within fractured groups. The Contra Costa County Republican Central Committee is a severely fractured group.

    Let’s hope that the committee as a whole steps back and looks at the damage that has been done and learns from their mistakes before the situation gets worse.

    Let the healing begin under Joe Rubay.

  • …How can the GOP hold on to AD15 and take back CD10 when the Central Committee has been torn apart by bad leadership?…

    Andal and Wilson would be wise to get a court order prohibiting the CCRP within 500 meters of their campaigns.

    Glad to see some changes…finally.

  • Troublemaker

    Such negativity Reefer; that is so unlike you!

    So how did your effort to infiltrate the CCRP work out?
    Not good by the looks of the results.

    Better luck next time.

  • BrianLawrence

    Lisa- Thank you for the write-up. If I’m elected Chair of the DPCCC, I’d invite my Republican counterpart to a series of debates in various Contra Costa locations prior to the November election. Democracy is best served by vigorous debate and there certainly are issues (national and local) in which the two parties have vastly different approaches- the war in Iraq, the yacht tax loophole, global warming, immigration, marriage equality, etc.

    It continues to be an interesting election year!

  • Joe Rubay

    Lisa – I have really enjoyed your blog today.
    I have two small notes. First there are eigth positions in District 3 of the CC Rep. Central Committee (not six) and although it is flattering to be considered a new face (anywhere) for the last two years, I have served on the CC Rep. Central Committee.
    As a central committee member, it is my job to promote my party and its candidates, yet if asked, I will be happy to particpate in most any (good for our Democracy) political debate. Tanned and rested Joe Rubay

    Tanned and rested, Joe Rubay

  • Renegade GOP

    It is a ground swell Joe!! Everyone loves you. You are the man in the moment. You have been a loyal foot soldier for years watching this party sputter. You have the skills and executive ability to take charge and unite the party. You have mentored boat loads of GOP activists. You have loyal friends who will support you and fight for you. You will unite the various factions and bring unity of purpose to the CCGOP. You are the happy warrior that has been missing from this party for soooooooo long.
    And on top of all that……. you are a real and genuine person. Not a phoney like many of the politicians running around Contra Costa today.
    The public is dieing for a regular person like you to assume a leadership role. What a reality check!! what a breath of fresh air!! That is right Joe Rubay!! Say it again Joe Rubay. Who do we want Joe Rubay!!! Hard working Joe!!

    Joe the time has come to make your mark. Only you can change the CCGOP for the better.


  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen


    Thanks for catching my mistake. I appreciate it. (Everyone needs and editor and we don’t get editors on our blogs, unfortunately. It’s part of that ‘Do More With Less’ mantra in every business these days.)

    Good luck on your fledging Rubay Era! Central Committees of both parties, from what I’ve seen from the outside, are sometimes strange animals. And in the upcoming presidential election cycle, things will undoubtedly get very strange.

  • RR

    The new Central Committees of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR…oops! Sorry. Good for the Dems, Chuck Carpenter IS a nice guy. Diddo Clark has nice legs.

  • Hi Troublemaker, glad to see you’re still your gracious self.

    My non-campaign went about as well as Greg Poulis’ and Darcy Linnn’s.

    Imagine the chair and treasurer not getting reelected. I am happy to Sean Brennan won.

    I will wear that L for loser on my cap proudly as I am apparently in great company!

  • Too bad Rebecca Barrett did not win. She really got out there and worked hard. Next time! Good job Rebecca.

    Chuck has good legs too. Bad knees, though.

  • Chuck Carpenter

    Lisa and Rep friends,
    While the CCRP tries to find a healer the DPCCC will move forward registering reborn Republicans as Democrats,working for Joan to TAKE the 15th. Thank you for picking the San Ramon Mayor Reps. It will take many Republican Dollars to turn him into a candidate. Dollars which will not be in CD10. Remember Jerry is an INCUMBENT and we will be walking phoning and helping him stay in office. After Contra Costa is all Blue there will be time for debates, but not before November. When was the last time you walked a precinct? Except for you, BG-R. Not if I hobble into the Democratic Chair.

  • Troublemaker


    Be it far from you to be the judge of anyone’s character. You have little room to speak.

    How clever of you to project YOUR loss onto others we would have expected nothing less from you. You really are a piece of work.

    The attitude that you project is the same one you reap. What a paradox, yet one that you rightly deserve.

    p.s. Mr. Carpenter, your comments made me laugh out loud. I like Jerry but he really is in over his head and has been for quite some time. C’mon even you know that! The term “dear in the headlights” comes to mind–very often. You comments are amusing and peg you as one one of the Kool Aid crowd. Good luck with that!

    Chuck, be forewarned that just as many of us will be helping Abram bury Jerry in November.

  • Rebecca Barrett

    Thank you Bill for all your encouragement, it means a lot. I look forward to the election in November. This will be the first presidential election I can vote in and I’m very excited. As I’m sure everyone is. I also look forward to the debate that is about to take place. May the candidates with the best vision for our country/state win!

  • BrianLawrence


    You might want to start by checking to see who is running. Abram’s actually running against Joan Buchanan. That’s the last tip you get from me:)

  • Troublemaker…I didn’t get that. I don’t think one could say whatever you tried to communicate above in a more confused or illiterate manner; but give it another try, I know it’s in you.

  • Troublemaker

    Thanks Brian, I caught it after I had hit send and there is no edit/recovery button on this blog. It was late and had been reading about Abram also. I typed his name although I meant to type Dean. Spell check doesn’t have the ability to catch those types of errors. I am surprised that you did not attempt to blast me for typing dear instead of deer.

    Suffice it to say that many of us will be helping BOTH Dean and Abram prevail. Sorry if my error confused you.

    Reefer, your juvenile attempt to discredit me once again fell short. Keep deflecting, you are working wonders!

    It was not that long ago that you tried to blast Lisa for lack of traffic here. You might wish to troll back on your empty website which we now refer to as the “dead zone”. You are indeed a tool.

  • we?

    you and who else? someone who can read I hope.

    Seems you are wearing out your welcome here like every where else you go. Say Hello to Stunned and Non Nonsense for us.

  • Troublemaker


    Wearing out my welcome? Just what planet are you from? You really are amusing. As an observer, I see only you believe in censorship, so that stuff might fly on your site but not here. You know the drill.

    How do those grapes taste? I hear they go great with “whine”.

    Grow up.

  • You must not have read my Rule #2, cause here you are!

    You have no idea, do you.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Well, I have to say that I believe that Chuck Carpenter would be a great Chair for the County Democrat Central Committee.

    I’ve known Chuck for some time now and while we may be in different political parties, we have always gotten along.

    I’ve long been an advocate for holding a joint social with the Democrat and Republican Central Committee members so that we can get to know each other as individuals.

    And, where there are nonpartisan issues we agree, then we can work together to promote those issues.

    And where there are partisan differences, we can agree to disagree and still get along and be friends.

    After all, we are all neighbors.

  • Great idea Arne

  • Troublemaker


    I don’t read or care about your rules because I have never posted on your site. Too much censorship and lunacy there for my taste. If you haven’t received the memo; Your blog is considered a joke by those that come across it. Why is it that since your little site has gone dead you are now trolling more than ever here?
    You still have no clue do you?

    You are playing checkers while the rest of us play chess. You are stuck in a game that you can never win Bill.

    It is no wonder it brings out the worst in you. Maybe you should consider another hobby. There must be something you are good at.

  • Rich Verrilli

    Arne Simonsen:

    Arne–Either Brian Lawrance or Chuck Carpenter would be great for chair of the C.C. Demos and I am sure that we will take into consideration the strong endorsement by the C.C. Republicans for Chuck. We do have one advantage over you in that we do not have to vet our leadership for their Greeen Cards.

  • Arne Simonsen

    Rich, you’re funny!

    I have to agree with you about how the California Republican Party (state-level) screwed up and failed to check that one individual’s immigration status.

    At the County level, we do a much better job, as I am sure the County Democrat Central Committee does.

    I imagine that there will be members of my party and yours that would never want to hold a joint social meeting with “the enemy”, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

    Several years ago I was invited by my next door neighbor to a social function at his home for the East County Democrats. Sally Pell was the Chair at that time. It was Sally who suggested to me that it would be great if our two parties on the county or local level could get together and get to know each other as real people who have much more in common than what divides us. She was right.

    In Sally’s memory, I’d really like to see that happen.

  • Troublemaker


    You are right on the money! I think a lot of us would like to see that happen…

  • Rich Verrilli

    You are a pretty funny guy yourself..!
    I don’t consider Republicans as enemies. Without countervailing expressions of the legitimate purposes of Government we swould soon lose this democracy for which so many have given so much to achieve and defend. The most important thing about America is that although we can and do go very wrong at times, we have the capacity, political structure and will to reverse ourselves. As I recall you and I worked side by side for a common political goal in the past and perhaps we can do so in the future to the advantage of both our Parties and our Country.We Democrats would welcome you to our Victory party in November.

  • Arne Simonsen


    You had me falling off my chair with your last line: “We Democrats would welcome you to our Victory party in November.”

    I know it was written is good spirits. The way I see it, it is America that “wins” in November and once elected, I’ve always worked with whomever my representatives or Presidents are, regardless of their party affiliation. That, after all, should be the American way!

    I look forward to working with you once again.