AD 15 GOP seat narrows to 257-vote lead

San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson’s lead over retired Livermore businessman Robert Rao appears to be holding although it had narrowed to 257 votes today as county election offices complete their counts of mail-in and provisional ballots. (Click here to see the Secretary of State’s latest results page, which matched the results of all the county web sites as of today.)

If Wilson prevails, he will owe his win to Contra Costa County, where his superior name identification over his nearly unknown challengers won him 9,832 votes. He tied for last place in Alameda County, finished third and fourth in San Joaquin and Sacramento counties respectively.

Wilson will need more than geography to help him on Nov. 4. His Democratic challenger is also a San Ramon valley resident with a high level of name identification, San Ramon School Board Trustee Joan Buchanan.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • who says reporters can’t count. I looked at each of the sites earlier and it was down to 161 but new results per above shows a rebound.

  • Truthclubber

    Is this the same Joan Buchanan who, as a past president of the San Ramon Valley School District, couldn’t even get her San Ramon Valley school district voters to approve the latest “beg for money, money, money” Measure D in this election cycle (June ’08) at the same time she attempts to escape responsibility for same by bailing to an Assembly seat after eighteen years of being “supposedly responsible”, and at the same time that most Californians are getting REALLY tired of the CTA’s “no merit pay” approach to educational reform?

    Or is it the same Joan Buchanan who could barely beat back an opponent (Ted Ford, D – Walnut Creek) who got over 1 out of 3 voters to select him, while he had:

    1) No money
    2) No organization
    3) No endorsements
    4) No past office holding experience
    5) No name recognition whatsoever

    Or the same Joan Buchanan who, as a member of the SRV school board over the past 18 years, was (along with all of the other board members) subjected to not one, but two CC County grand jury investigations over the past four years, and has yet to get a clean bill of health from either, despite the fact that she flaunts her financial skills on said board and that the financial “issues” were the ones the grand jury focused on?

    As IBM used to say during NFL game ads, “you make the call”.

    GOP’ers of the CC area — please step up and begin to examine this “empty suit” in GREAT detail — you’ll be surprised by what you find.

    There’s more — just waiting for the time to show ALL the cards…

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I don’t know if this entry constitutes actual “counting” … I printed out the results page and compared the numbers with the county sites and there you have it. Earlier, I had to enter the four county results for each of the four candidates into a spreadsheet but I let Excel do the counting. Thank goodness for software.

  • RR

    It’s Joan Buchanan’s race to lose. Republicanos, wake up. Unless McCain sweeps Calif., it’s gonna be a real cold November Tuesday for the GOP’ers.

  • Why do all these people spend so much time on this blog and never use their real names? If they really wanted their information to be truthful or factual they wouldn’t hide behind a blogname.

  • The anonymous cowards you refer to could even be minors for all we know, at least some act like it. On the other hand if any blogger insists on verification and registration, the conversation disappears because of fear and loathing in Contra Costa.

    I think the problem is that anonymous p[osters do not have to deal with any consequences for their actions or words, whereas people who post under real names do. That’s quite a disadvantage. But the upside is, like me, you too can have your own personal fountain of red-hot grudge belittle you every step of the way.

  • al pross

    Wilson owes his victory to the optometrists independent expenditure.

    They sent two mailers (totaling about 30,000 pieces of mail) to high propensity primary voters who vote in person. These mailers highlighted Rao’s financial hubris and arrogance.

    I am confident that they convinced at least 258 potential Rao voters to select one of the 3 other Reps. or not to vote.