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Almost half of Americans use Internet for politics

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Monday, June 16th, 2008 at 10:37 am in 2008 presidential election, Internet and politics.

A new study out by the Pew Internet and American Life Project says nearly half of Americans used the Internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get political news. That’s a big number, one that will continue to impact how candidates and political parties campaign.

Here are the first few graphs from the study:

“A record-breaking 46% of Americans have used the internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get news about the campaign, share their views and mobilize others. And Barack Obama’s backers have an edge in the online political environment.

“Furthermore, three online activities have become especially prominent as the presidential primary campaigns have progressed: First, 35% of Americans say they have watched online political videos–a figure that nearly triples the reading the Pew Internet Project got in the 2004 race.”

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  • RR

    Almost half of Americans have received e-mail saying Obama secretly practices Islam. The other half cling to their guns and their church.

  • Bill Gram-Reefer

    what Pew doesn’t tell you is that the other half uses the internet for porn and copyright violation, so it’s not a pretty picture at all: sex, lies (politics), and stolen videotape!

  • John W.

    I find this hard to believe, unless American Idol and Dancing with Stars count as political news.

  • Bill Gram-Reefer

    Let’s put it this way, the vast majority of web sites that make money are porn sites.

  • Bernie Quigley

    do newspaper companies earn a profit from their websites?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I can’t speak for all newspapers but we receive revenue from our Internet site. But it is pennies compared to the revenues earned on the print product. The on-line revenues don’t even come close to making up for the losses on the print side.

  • Bill Gram-Reefer

    >>>The on-line revenues don’t even come close to making up for the losses on the print side.<<<

    Online Classifieds, baby… that’s the future!