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Get your candidate stuff right here

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 at 5:47 pm in 2008 presidential election.

There’s a presidential campaign underway, in case you hadn’t noticed, and expressing yourself politically is just a click and a credit card away.

Here are a few commercial and candidate paraphernalia advertisements I’ve received in my in-box in the past few weeks. offers a variety of bumper stickers, banners, yard signs and T-shirts, such as “NOBAMA 08” and “So, the Dixie Chicks Were Right After All.”

The will sweeten up your life with a sour grape flavored lollipop wrapped in the image of Hillary Clinton.

Buy a drink in your favorite candidate’s name at A six-pack of bottles featuring photos of Hillary Clinton, Obama or John McCain will set you back $14.99 plus shipping.

Get a few giggles with the “Laughing Hillary Pen” at

Of course, the candidates would prefer you buy stuff on their web sites, where the proceeds end up in their campaign accounts rather than those with purely capitalistic motives.

McCain is selling eco-friendly — in appropriately conservative colors and styles — polo shirts, coffee cups, hats and bags at

Obama is plugging car magnets, pens and plastic water bottles that sport his name, plus a button that says, “Women for Obama,” at

And yes, Clinton may be out of the running but she’s still selling her wares at

Consider buying a special print made just for her, a ruler with her name on it or a signature mouse pad.

Now, now, don’t dismiss the idea out of hand just because she lost. Making history isn’t cheap and Hillary has campaign debts to pay.

Aggravation of the day: Has anyone else noticed that when you go to the presidential candidates’ web sites, they make it really hard for you to reach the home page without signing up for alerts or making a donation?
It feels like on-line blackmail and it’s darned annoying.

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