Andal denies involvement in Brown Act violations

Congressional GOP candidate Dean Andal emphatically denied that he was the unnamed consultant listed in a San Joaquin County civil grand jury report who received confidential closed-session information in a case involving allegations of a Brown Act violation by several members of the Delta College Board of Trustees.

The report, released earlier this week and detailed in a Tri-Valley Herald story yesterday, said the “San Joaquin Delta College Board of Trustees has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and violated open government laws by discussing closed-session matters outside its meetings.” (Click here to read the grand jury report.)

The story said that day after a Feb. 9, 2006, “closed-session meeting (with Delta College board members), phone calls and a faxed letter indicated that one or more board members had relayed confidential information about the ‘breach of contract’ discussion to the developer and his consultant, Dean Andal.”

The grand jury report does not identify Andal by name although a college trustee who made the initial allegations had previously named Andal in Stockton Record story as the recipient of closed-session information.

Andal is, of course, a well-known consultant to PCCP Mountain House, LLC, a group led by Sacramento developer Gerry Kamilos, although he is far from the only consultant on the large project.

According to federal financial disclosure statements, Andal earned $217,589 in 2007 in consultant fees and salary from Kamilos, PCCP Mountain House and another PCCP development called Mariposa Lakes.

With respect to the grand jury investigation, the company was in discussions at the time with San Joaquin Delta College to provide the college with $14 million for infrastructure as the landowner and the college developed their respective properties in Mountain House, a master-planned community near Tracy. Mountain House and Tracy had been engaged in a well-publicized competition for the new college, which Delta College eventually agreed to build in Mountain House.

Andal said he lobbied at least one Delta College board member but said he never received any confidential, closed-session information from any elected official.

“If someone had tried to give me closed-session information, I would have stopped it,” Andal said. “I am very experienced with the requirements of the Brown Act.”

Andal called himself a staunch advocate of the Brown Act, a state law which spells out how publicly elected boards must conduct themselves in both public and closed sessions. Elected officials cannot disclose what was said in closed session and the law limits the topics under which they are permitted to hold discussions outside of the public eye.

Delta College Trustee Ted Simas, however, was quoted in a Stockton Record story of Aug. 21, 2006, saying that Andal had called him on the telephone several hours after the board concluded its Feb. 9 meeting and “had information that could have been obtained only by board members in closed session.” Simas said Andal told him that two college trustees had provided details of the closed-session negotiations to Kamilos. Andal was quoted in the same story saying that he did not remember the conversation.

Despite the conflicting accounts of this incident, watch for this issue to make its way into what will be a fierce general election campaign between Andal and incumbent Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton. Andal is known as a veritable “Boy Scout” and these allegations could call that image into question if the Democrats are able to gain sufficient traction on the issue.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Hilltopper

    Not much of a denial. No denial that he is recipient of hundreds of thousands of wasted tax dollars on this project. No denial that the Board gave his company special treatment. No denial that he immediately got the information that was passed illegally. No denial that he and his developer partner acted on this non-public information to their benefit.

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  • New World Republican

    What a choice I have to make now. McNerney the candidate who had to mortgage his home to run for office or Dean Andal the conservative who flaks for developers at tax payer expense. Andal looks like a big government DC Republican to me. Shock and horror he even has members of Bill Bakers staff working for him.

    It is interesting how Andal is so far behind McNerney in fund raising ($500,000) andal should bring in
    G. W. Bush to do a fund raiser!

  • RR

    Here’s exciting news for Andal supporters: this year belongs to the Democrats, like it or not. The GOP will be the minority party on Capitol Hill for the next 2 years after January unless—and this is beyond one’s wildest dreams— Mc Cain wins by a landslide, and even then it’s questionable if the GOP can take control of either chamber.

  • hilltopper

    If anyone has heard anything more from Andal, please let us know. I just did a google search and found nothing. Thanks.

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  • Truthclubber

    Dear ‘RR’ — As a “supposed” Republican, your disingenuiousness and treachery is truly amazing, but if you’re merely a Democrat in disguise, drop the mask — it’s failed you miserably in the eyes of THIS observer.

    As for would-be Andal supporters (of which ‘RR’ is certainly NOT one) — I have a ray of hope for all of you (and I know there are LOTS of you out there), and it’s one word: TargetPoint.

    TargetPoint NOT effective as a deadly campaign weapon?

    Ask Mayor Abram Wilson; I know he’s smiling on the results of his astonishing surprise victory despite having the least amount of money of the four in his hotly competitive AD-15 GOP race — even if he won’t own up to it since that would mean admitting the national GOP picked HIM as their favorite in this lowly Assembly race.

  • New World GOP

    Andal would be an attractive candidate in normal times. But with the GOP so tarnished it is going to be difficult to win. Just look at the top of the GOP ticket. John McCain is losing by 20 points in California. Andal’s fund raising is nothing short of dismal. But I can’t wait to see him on 4th of July so he can hand me some jelly beans. Oh Boy!! What a treat. How original.

  • RR