McNerney names Republican support team

Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney has named the members of the “Republicans for McNerney Steering Committee.”

What’s next? The “Moveon.Org Fan Club for Andal,” referring, of course, to McNerney’s Republican opponent Dean Andal of Stockton.

If you’re curious as to the names of the Republicans who support McNerney, read on.

McNerney for Congress announces ‘Republicans for McNerney’ Steering Committee

Dublin, Calif. – Today, Congressman Jerry McNerney announced the list of Republicans from the 11th District that will make up his ‘Republicans for McNerney’ Steering Committee.

“I’m proud to have the support of so many in my reelection effort, especially the members of the ‘Republicans for McNerney’ Steering Committee. Since taking office, I have worked hard to get things done for this district by reaching across party lines and working with whomever I needed to. I’m pleased that the members of my steering committee, along with so many others across the district, recognize that,” Rep. McNerney said. “As we approach November, I look forward to receiving their advice and support.”

The Republicans for McNerney Steering Committee is made up of Republicans from all four of the counties that are in the 11th District: Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Joaquin. Each of the seven steering committee members are supporting Rep. McNerney for different reasons, whether for his dogged dedication to constituent service, his work on behalf of our nation’s veterans, or his efforts to bring jobs to the district particularly through renewable energy use and production.

The members of the Republicans for McNerney Steering Committee are listed below, along with a quote explaining their support for the Congressman.

Steve Abercrombie, Tracy

Member, Tracy City Council

“Jerry is a common-sense fighter for the families and small businesses right here in our district, working across party lines to get things done.”

Mike Cox, Morgan Hill

President, Anaerobe Systems

“Jerry ‘gets it’ on energy policy. He knows we need to produce and use more renewable energy right here at home and that we can create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs in the process.”

Bob Kavanaugh, Stockton

“McNerney said he was going to make bringing renewable energy jobs to the Central Valley a priority and he has had delivered.”

Shabbir Khan, Stockton

Treasurer and Tax Collector, San Joaquin County

“I am proud to support Congressman Jerry McNerney because he supports us. He takes care of our veterans, our seniors, and folks across this district.”

Tim Koopmann, Sunol


“Jerry understands what local farmers, growers, and ranchers like me are up against. He introduced legislation to create estate tax exemptions for family farms and small businesses, and worked to ensure support for both California-grown crops and conservation programs to reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water and air quality, and increase wildlife habitats in this year’s farm bill.”

Paul Sanguinetti, Stockton

Member, Stockton East Water District Board of Directors and Farmer

“Congressman McNerney isn’t afraid to work across the aisle to make sure he does what is right. Sometimes this makes him unpopular in his party, but he realizes that doing what is right should be the top priority.”

Susanna Schlendorf, Danville

Former Mayor of Danville

“Since he’s taken office, Jerry’s never stopped fighting for us. He comes back home every single weekend to meet with constituents so he can listen to what’s on peoples’ minds and address their concerns.”

Note: Each member of the steering committee’s title and place of employment are listed for identifying purposes only, and do not connote an endorsement from that organization or agency.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen