Vorderblog: Calling all delegates

I deployed the Flip camcorder tonight during my interview with Democratic delegate Kath Delaney from Kensington. It’s one of a series of taped interviews we’re doing with East Bay delegates headed to the national political conventions in Denver and St. Paul in late August and early September.

Here, I’m asking Delaney how she feels, as an elected delegate for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, about the near-certain nomination of Sen. Barack Obama as the party’s nominee in Denver. Delaney is a longtime Clinton supporter.

We’ll offer prior to the conventions a full package of video and online interviews with delegates for Sen. John McCain, as well as Clinton and Obama. (Don’t worry. The quality will be much better. You can’t see it in this video but our expert photographer Karl Mondon was taping the interview using a fancy camera. I’m using my new Flip video as an experiment to see how it would come out.)

Lisa Vorderbrueggen