No city (council) election in Pittsburg this fall

There’s no stumping this fall for incumbent Pittsburg City Councilmen Will Casey and Ben Johnson .

Click here to read Times’ story by Paul Burgarino on the subject.

Their only opponent in the Nov. 4 city council race, David Manly, has apparently failed to obtain enough signatures to qualify as a candidate.

The two incumbents on the Pittsburg Unified School Board are also unopposed; Laura Canciamilla and Ruben Rosalez.

Does that mean citizens of Pittsburg are thrilled with their representation and the direction of the city and schools, and thus have no need to challenge the incumbents? Or are people turned off by the idea of campaigning or disinterested in serving in public office?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • The same thing may happen in Hercules.

  • Ted

    Their biggest opponent is apathy. What if they held an election and nobody voted?

  • RR

    Practically nobody voted in the June primary

  • Darnell Turner

    My name is Darnell Turner and I am running for a seat on the Los Medanos Healthcare District Board of Directors. Yes there will be a vote in Pittsburg and the voters will have a chance to elect someone so let vote it is important for all registered voter to participate in this process. It is a freedom for all of us to enjoy.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Okay, you’re right! It’s no CITY COUNCIL election in Pittsburg this fall, but there will be a ballot and other stuff to vote on, such as the Los Medanos Healthcare District.

    I’ll post a complete list of all the candidates on Thursday. I’m waiting for Wednesday night’s filing deadline to pass for elected boards where incumbents didn’t file for re-election.

    But so far, it looks like a good year to be an incumbent: No one wants your job.

  • Ted

    Couldn’t we “write in” a candidate for city council or is that option gone, too?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    As I understand it, the Pittsburg City Council will not place the council race on the ballot because it is not contested. As a result, there is nowhere to write in an alternative.

    Some seats are required to appear on the ballot even though they are not contested but not all of them.

  • RR

    At the risk of being pedantic, may I point out that the correct usage of DISINTERESTED is without bias or prejudice, open-minded or neutral. To indicate apathy, UNINTERESTED is a better choice of words.