Hey, I resemble that remark

The writers compiling Capitol Weekly’s daily round-up were downright insulting to reporters this morning. The nerve. I’m going to Denver on Saturday, and I shower. Most days.

As they wrote:

And finally, the Denver homeless population is getting some free haircuts in preparation for the Democratic National Convention.

“When Sylvester and Ghandia Johnson saw news reports about homeless people being given vouchers to the zoo and the movies during the DNC, they didn’t feel it was right.

“The couple owns Sly’s Salon at Grant Street and 16th Avenue, in downtown Denver. They decided to use their business to create a so-called cut-a-thon specifically for the homeless.

“We thought we could help some of Denver’s homeless residents by giving them a fresh look, giving them real good self esteem and helping them feel part of the DNC, so they look their best,” said Ghandia Johnson.

“She says homeless people who want to be in public during the convention shouldn’t feel ashamed about their appearance. That’s why the salon gave free haircuts, washes and styles to more than 150 adults during the all-day event on Monday.”

The Denver homeless population will now officially be better groomed than the thousands of journalists heading to Denver.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    A splendid idea! And here’s another one: Have the newly spruced-up Homeless stand on street corners holding cans labelled: CHANGE I can believe in goes here!