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Bay Area blogger to run for state Dems vice chair

By Josh Richman
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 2:08 pm in Democratic Party.

San Francisco blogger/activist Brian Leubitz — founder of, an information clearinghouse for California’s left wing — announced today he’ll be running for vice-chairman of the California Democratic Party.

This people-powered party shouldn’t simply exist to serve a legislative caucus or any particular donor, but rather to ensure that the collective action of thousands of grassroots Democrats can be heard. This means truly opening up ourselves to introspection. It means reviewing our processes to ensure that we are an institution that is seeking the best solution rather than the easy solution. It means recalibrating ourselves to overcome inertia in the service of positive change. After all, if there is one thing that term limits have taught us, it is that incumbency is ephemeral, values are permanent.

It’s not surprising, given all the scorn the Calitics folks have heaped upon the party’s current leadership, be it for bankrolling Don Perata’s legal fund, defending Dianne Feinstein even as she continues to offend progressives, or what have you. It’ll be interesting to see how grassroots progressives fare against the entrenched regime.

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