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Hope springs eternal for Hillary loyalists

By Josh Richman
Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 5:10 pm in Barack Obama, Elections, Hillary Clinton.

While covering state Controller John Chiang’s speech to the Alameda County Democratic Lawyers Club today, I was chatting with club vice-chairwoman Meredith Brown; she’s about to ship out to Denver as a first-time delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

She’s a Hillary Clinton delegate from the 9th Congressional District, and she said she’s still hoping to see Clinton picked as Barack Obama‘s running mate.

“18 million votes, man,” she said. “And ideologically, they’re not far apart… It’s more of a personality difference. Whoever he can’t woo, she can woo… We need them both.”

But my money’s still on Evan Bayh. We’ll know soon.

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  • Terry M. Barber

    Some in Clinton circle ‘outraged…. Why give a bigoted lying double talker second chair so she can up stage you.

    Doesn’t this say a lot about the person and what she stands for. Obama heard her comments and judged she was not competent, the only person she thinks of is herself. Either way the smell in the air is not a skunk.

    It’s politics plane and simple.