McCain rolls out California grassroots team

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain‘s campaign today announced its roster of California grassroots leaders — at least some of whom have been publicly known for months — who’ll be working to put boots on the ground and voices on the phones this fall. For the sake of brevity, I’ll list only the statewide figures and then those relevant to the Bay Area:

California Regional Chairs
Robert Laurie, Northern Region
Nicolas Beck, Bay Area
Brian Forrest, Central Valley
Rob Bryn, Central Coast
Donna Jordan, Central Coast
Robby Hightower, Inland Empire
Luis Alvarado, Los Angeles
Steve Kuykendall, Los Angeles
Kevin Muldoon, Orange
Bob Rubin, South

California Deputy Regional Chairs -North
Anton Hartmann, Deputy Regional Chair
Mike Harris, Northern Deputy District Chair NW
Larry Wahl, Northern Deputy District Chair NE
Ann Whitley, Northern Deputy District Chair Congressional District 4
Bob Vile, Northern Deputy District Chair Gold Country

California County Chairs
Alameda — Stephen Savas
Contra Costa — Jeff Elfont
Marin — Gina Rulon-Miller
Napa — Doug Pharr
San Francisco — Rich Miller
San Joaquin — Frank Aquila & Shannon Ding
San Mateo — Michael Maletic
Santa Clara — David Springer & Roger Riffenburgh
Solano — Mike Gomez

A few of these folks already had been named earlier in other capacities with the campaign; for example, Bryn, Hightower and Wahl are regional chairs of California Veterans for McCain as well.

And you’ve gotta wonder whether former Calaveras County GOP chairman Bob Vile’s words to the New York Times back in February will haunt him:

“It was the matter of the choice of two evils,” said Robert Vile, the chairman of Calaveras County Republican Party in a telephone interview. “We are very disappointed with McCain over the immigration issue and of course McCain-Feingold. But we weighed Romney very carefully here and the general feeling in this county was that McCain was the better man.”

Josh Richman

Josh Richman covers state and national politics for the Bay Area News Group. A New York City native, he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and reported for the Express-Times of Easton, Pa. for five years before coming to the Oakland Tribune and ANG Newspapers in 1997. He is a frequent guest on KQED Channel 9’s “This Week in Northern California;” a proud father; an Eagle Scout; a somewhat skilled player of low-stakes poker; a rather good cook; a firm believer in the use of semicolons; and an unabashed political junkie who will never, EVER seek elected office.

  • California McCain Campaign staff lack communication courtesies

    I have spent lots of long distance time and expense, plus etiquette proper mailed requests to secure a keynote speaker to boost more support and possible last minute donations for my organization’s annual traditional autumn Republican dinner event in San Francisco. Currently, I and my club are the only source in San Francisco to host dinner events with attendance most exceeding from 75 to well over 100, as documented even by local news media. Even SFGOP ended up cancelling their major dinner events twice this year and an underimpressive one last year. We are the only grassroots, Middle America Republican specialists and the only Republican entity with consistently friendly relations and cooprative relations with news media. Yet, both CRP and the sparce access to California McCain lines of direct communication have proven to disrespect the value of what a few us with above average communication and social credentials can do extra. Why should all volunteer contributions be as unstimulating and braindead reflective of the outreach and communications people in charge? Wny?

    The pandering rhetoric dribbled profusely by the principals of McCain/Palin national campaign are an antithesis to the aloof, arrogant, culturally shallow and socially boorish dispositions displayed by many of the California Republican Campaign team including and especally from grassroots operatives and surrogates. Their lack of people skills and socially unrefined approach render the entire platform claims to protect, respect, and restore patriotic pride and leadership integrity downright hypocritical. CRP sets the tone for allowing its officers and executive staff to assume communications with volunteers is reserved only through stale sound bite blogs and mass mailings for donations. It is unfortunate that CRP lacks anyone with any credentials in etiquette. The women in CRP and other campaign offices have manners as if they were just hired from some hamburger fast food franchise. The CRP conventions seem like they are managed by a bunch of low-end trailer park social rednecks.

    As Northern California’s only San Francisco Bay Area native, Hispanic female lifelong Republican with leadership credentials, I know there are no plans for any of the titular Republican leaders, state, regional or local, to engage in any internal leadership reforms to upgrade standards of performance. If the mostly white male dominant chauvinists remain in control of the entire Republican climate, it will continue being a major magnet for even more narcissists, socially devoid, and intellectually narrow personalities whose main talent is using volunteers as human doormats. Those willing to, at least, pretend to be dumb, dumber and dumbest are those most likely to be rewarded presidential campaign appointments with voter and volunteer outreach functions.

    The same recycled names take charge everytime; and everytime their people- outreach attempts alienate more than inspire. The Party’s image will continue to decline, even among us otherwise diehard, lifelong but intellectually and socially more savvy Republicans, if leadership standards are not upgraded.

    From: Gail E. Neira, 415-820-1430, sfra@aceweb.com
    Author of America’s first book on Political and Grassroots Etiquette.
    Only leadership leadership active lifelong Hispanic American, native San Franciscan woman. President of San Francisco’s only culturally diverse Republican club, San Francisco Republican Alliance, since 1999. I am San Francisco only Republican woman maverick reformer. But unlike Gov. Palin’s Alaska experience, 98% of SFGOP men are male chauvinist pigs and always have been and always will be. The plunging dive of regional Republican registration has more to do with what local GOP official leaders fail to do than blaming every loss on Democrats.

  • Hello pot – this is kettle

    Gail E Neira says –

    “…even among us otherwise diehard, lifelong but intellectually and socially more savvy Republicans…”

    “…what a few us with above average communication and social credentials can do extra.”

    “..have manners as if they were just hired from some hamburger fast food franchise.”

    Ms. Neira – you make some very compelling arguments – for those that will take the time to wallow through myriad tangential statements

    However, your obvious arrogance and bitterness overshadows these important observations. Your personalized commentary aimed at generalized classes of other human beings combines with your infrequent grammatical errors to, in my opinion, completely discredit your presumption of intellectual and social superiority.

    Your ability to communicate effectively to a larger audience may be, in part, accretive to CRP’s lack of interaction with you and the organizations you represent.

  • Sarah WHO ?


    Want to try something really, really scary ?

    Draw a hypothetical trend line which connects the two “personality points” defined by George W. Bush at one end and Gail E Neira at the other end – now imagine that the RNC all collectively reside somewhere in between.