Dem convention: On the floor

I’m seated in the press gallery of the massive Pepsi Center in the midst of total bedlam … and this is just the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

Sen. Ted Kennedy has just addressed the group to wild applause and a sea of blue and white signs that say “Kennedy.”  Candy Crowley (one of my favorite CNN broadcasters) is on camera live right in front of me. I can see Wolf Blitzer across the way. PBS, Fox and all the networks have skyboxes above me. Reporters from hundreds of places around the world surround me, most of us sitting in long rows of press counters equipped with telephones and Internet connections.

Not that you could talk on the phone. It’s incredibly loud in here. (I’m worried about losing my hearing by the end of two conventions!)

The California delegation is directly across from me — they have quasi-decent seats although the best seats went to Illinois and Delaware, home to Barack Obama and newly named vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, and battleground states.

But the place is so large that I will need to buy some binoculars tomorrow in order to see the Califoranians’ faces.

There must be a place where convention organizers learn how to put on these events because they sure know how to work the crowd into a frenzy worthy of any good tent revival.

We’re all waiting now for the lead-up to the keynote speaker of the evening, Michelle Obama.

For a quick eyeball on the convention floor scene, check out my short video.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen