Dem convention: Pelosi scolds press

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, kicked off the morning with a press conference at the California delegation hotel prior to her appearance at her state’s breakfast session. (See clip below.)

Pelosi expressed her frustration with the press over the ongoing speculation about tension between presumptive nominee Barack Obama and his chief rival for the job, Hillary Clinton. Advisers for the two campaigns have negotiated a process expected to include a nomination from the floor for Clinton and a roll call vote. It’s designed to show respect for Clinton and her supporters, who received 18 millions votes during the primaries.

Despite every indication that Clinton and her campaign are successfully discouraging dissension within her ranks, rumors persist that Clinton supporters hope to turn the tide in a shocking convention turnaround. It’s highly unlikely; modern political conventions are heavily scripted affairs. “Surprises” are rare.

“This is like the yesterday room,” Pelosi scolded the press. “The nominee has been decided … To wallow in this is not productive.”

Hey, there are 15,000 reporters in this town and there’s very little in the way of news, depending on your definition of news.

Here’s a short clip of Pelosi.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

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