Dem convention: Visit Lea Austin’s blog

Check out Obama delegate Lea Austin’s blog from inside the convention at http://www.leaslagniappe.blogspot.com/

Lea is from Tracy and she’s terrific. I profiled her as an East Bay delegate even though Tracy isn’t technically quite in the East Bay. But she works at Mills College in Oakland and that good enough for me.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Hi! I’m Jeff Nibert. I’m from Pleasanton and also a Barack Obama pledged delegate from Congressional District 11. Lea Austin and I ran on a slate together to be elected as the two Obama CD-11 delegates on April 13. Lea and I were activists together in the local Obama campaign in the Tri-Valley and Central Valley. I agree that Lea is a terrific lady. She and I spent most of our time inside the convention together, along with a group of about five other East Bay delegates.

    I invite you to check out my blog from inside the convention at http://kephalos.blogspot.com/