Michelle Obama arrives in Denver

By Tammerlin Drummond
From the Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama—
and if things go according to the Democrats’ plans—America’s future first lady—
got her first look at the Pepsi Center arena this morning where she will deliver her prime time speech tonight in support of her husband’s candidacy.
Obama, looking svelte in an olive green blazer, black pants and black satin flats, was accompanied by her mother Marian Robinson her two young daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, and her brother Craig
Robinson who will introduce her tonight.
Giving her mother a helping hand, little Malia banged the gavel on the podium and called, “order!” In answer to a reporter’s questions, Obama said that she was very excited to be in Denver and that she expected the Democratic National Convention to go smoothly.
Obama will be the last speaker tonight and is expected to take center stage between 7 and 9 p.m. She will try to explain to her fellow Americans why she believes her husband will be an excellent president. She’s also expected to discuss her own life experience. Obama came from working class beginnings in Chicago, went on to graduate from Princeton University and Harvard law school, and eventually becoming a successful lawyer and businesswoman.
Obama is one of the most outspoken presidential candidates’ wives in recent memory. As a result, she has been the subject of virulent attacks by conservatives for who have questioned her patriotism, seizing upon recent comments as well as some of her earlier writings as a college student.
Obama’s speech tonight will be part of a continuing strategy in the Obama campaign’s efforts to portray the candidate’s wife’s softer side. She’ll get plenty of moral support from the Illinois delegation which will be front and center on the convention floor. She is the first African-American woman to address a presidential convention during prime time.
Meanwhile, in a major boost for the Obama campaign, it has been reported that Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, will take the podium tonight. Kennedy, who is recovering from a brain tumor, had not been expected to attend the Democratic National Convention at all.
Obama, who is still putting the finishing touches on his keynote speech will address the convention via satellite feed from Kansas after his wife speaks.


  • RR

    This reads as if it were written by the DNC. Is Drummond a reporter?

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Tammy Drummond is an editorial page writer and columnist for the Bay Area News Group.