Dem convention: Gagged

California feminist and women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred is clearly not “getting over it,” as party leaders have asked.

Allred, a Clinton delegate, is wearing a gag at this morning’s California delegation breakfast. Okay, it’s a hotel napkin. She’s protesting the party’s refusal to hold a Clinton delegate meeting, as she has requested. They also won’t let her speak at the breakfast.

“Just because they won’t hold a meeting doesn’t mean I will be silenced,” Allred said.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Ted

    I saw TV clips of so-called Hillary supporters demonstrating in the streets. Call me paranoid, but if I was Karl Rove, I would have sent GOP shills and pose them as Hillary backers to give the impression to gullible media seeking a new news angle and an overeagarness to show “fair and balanced” reporting (and thus to millions of viewers) that there is a real big division between the Hillary and Obama camps. Has anybody bothered to check out the validity of the street’s Hillary supporters?

  • Michele M

    Go Gloria!! This so-called “bargaining” by Obama is ridiculous. Hillary has every right to have her delegates place her name in nomination. What a joke — Howard Dean, who is head of the DNC, had HIS name placed in nomination and he wasn’t even CLOSE!! Now, how dare he rubber-stamped shutting Hillary out just to please the annointed one? As to the commenter above, I daresay you have no idea the groundswell of support for Hillary. Thank you to her delegates for standing firm. We appreciate you!!

  • Renegade GOP

    The funny thing about watching political party conventions is that while they put a nice middle of the road face to the TV viewers, the reality is that below the kleig lights are where all the crazies of both left and right ply their trades. This Gloria Alred story is classic. Also check out the CCC GOP BBQ videos on You tube. You can clearly see that at the base there is no middle ground allowed in the political parties. Hence their relative declines in registration.

  • Susiewat

    Hey Ted – don’t worry about the validity of Hillary supporters – they are for real! You should worry more about the validity of those voters at the caucuses – apparently there were a lot of dead people came back just to vote for Obama!

  • Bogie813

    You go Gloria! And, in answer to Ted, we PUMAs are NOT republicans. Most of us were long time democratic activists (Will Bower, founder of one of the PUMA groups was a liberal writer for HuffPo). The rumors of our being part of some RNC plot were started, I believe, by the Obama camp.

    PUMA is more than about Hillary’s nomination. It is a grassroots movement to reform the political processes to ensure that no candidate is ever treated the way Hillary was, to ensure that there is one person/one vote, and to uphold democratic principles in BOTH parties.

    Yes, we want Hillary elected, but she does not own our vote. We will, as Gloria said, cast our votes as WE see fit, not as Hillary of anyone else tells us.

    We also recognize that the DNC is seeing the weakness of their selected candidate and is trying to position Hillary as the fall gal. The fact is, Obama is a weak candidate that an army of Clintons could pull across the finish line. Obama’s failure (and he will fail, either in Denver or in November) will be entirely his own, sweetie!

  • Ted

    I found this on the Huffington Post where Chris Matthews put one of these alleged Clintonistas on the spot. She’s spouting off the swiftboat garbage about Obama being a Muslim. The video is enlightening. Check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/26/chris-matthews-experience_n_121468.html

  • Elnora

    You obots are so paranoid–as you SHOULD BE. Obama and obots…meet the American VOTING PUBLIC and Democratic PARTY BASE! We’re mad as hell and we surely aren’t going to take it any more. Take your angry little selves and crawl back into your facebook/myspace holes.

  • Bluegrass

    Well Ted, YOU ARE WRONG! If you had been visiting any of the 250 independent web sites which are pro-Hillary over the past four months, you would understand the disappointment at the way this entire charade of a primary, and now convention, has been orchestrated. PEOPLE ARE ANGRY AT THE FRAUD, CORRUPTION, AND DECEPTION WHICH HAS TAKEN PLACE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Now, Obama cannot win this election without the base of the party. They just keep on conniving, manipulating and marginalizing all of us through the MSM and THEY WILL TURN WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A SURE THING WITH CLINTON AS THE NEXT POTUS INTO A GOP WIN!

  • I think it’s great that Gloria and the other California Hillary delegates are making sure their voices are heard.

  • Ted

    Well, the vitriol and rage are certainly there isn’t it? And as the Demos argue among themselves, the swiftboaters are snickering and rubbing their hands with glee. So you’d rather have four more years of Bush?

  • eridon


  • Hillicrat

    Democracy is for all people. Everyone should have a voice. Not allowing this will turn even more votes away from Obama. We will have to make sure that he does not cheat anymore. Each party running should have access to the counting. There must be someway to eliminate the cheating.

  • Hey Hillicrat, This is a Republic not a democracy. In a democracy 51% decides who should have a voice.

    If you’re that upset with Barack Husain, because of how Billary was treated, maybe you should cross over party lines and cast your vote for the other liberal in the race… Good ol’ Johnny McCain.

    Obuma better “CHANGE” his campaign slogan right away before we all catch on! JOE BIDEN doesn’t fit the “Change We (you) Can Believe In” line… the guys been around since the dinosaurs.

    OBAMA/BIDEN… There goes what’s left of the 2nd Amendment!

  • Listen to yourselves. This is exactly why this country is in such a dismal failure. Its constant bickering over every issue possible. If there is not some unity among Democrats, regardless of your personal feelings, we will have 4 more George W years which is exactly what those of you who are so vile in your comments want. This is about the future of our country and the future of our children, why don’t you show them you can act like adults instead of spoiled brats!

  • RR

    The distinction drawn between a Democracy and a Republic is false. “Res Publicus” refers to people’s affair or the public’s, as opposed to a monarch or nobility. A republic is not defined simply by the absence of a king. Plato might agree there’s a difference, but no one since about 1789 would.