Dem convention: WC delegate pushes planks

David Seaborg, a Clinton alternate delegate from Walnut Creek and the son of the late Glenn Seaborg, a Nobel Prize winner who discovered plutonium, was told his three submissions to the Democratic Party’s national platform made it into the document.

“I have great news!” said Seaborg Tuesday afternoon when I caught up with him at a reception for Californians at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The party is scheduled to adopt the 94-page platform this week.

Seaborg has been lobbying for more than a month for three platform planks: (1) strong greenhouse gas emission reduction language; (2) protection of the world’s most biodiverse habitats and (3) nuclear nonproliferation agreements with the international community.

“I have to examine the document to check out the precise wording but I’m very optimistic,” Seaborg said.

Seaborg, who runs a nonprofit for rainforest protection, hopes to use the platform language as leverage in his ongoing lobbying of Congress for federal environmental legislation.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen