Tuesday’s DNC video highlights

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio:

U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.:

U.S. Senate candidate and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner:

And I’ll add Hillary Clinton as soon as I find a clean clip…

UPDATE @ 9:22 P.M: Here she is, in three segments:

Josh Richman

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  • Terry m. Barber

    hearing Hillary versing Harriet Tubman words to freedom makes me nauseated. Listening to her belch out how she and other Democrats are trying to save us from the Bush adminstratrion.

    1) Why would you ask the people to cover your debts of 5 Million dollars when this money will become a Tax write off?

    Didn’t she report her net worth for last year total $125 Million Dollars, why take it from those that need it most.

    2) Why delay drilling for oil on or off shore, while alternative fuel sources is still 20 years away from reality?

    Maybe this is the reason there is Democratic bill to end all oil drilling in Anwr, so the Caribou can live in peace.

    3) And if the Democrats truely wants lower gas prices, why did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) recess the house for 5 weeks so they can’t vote on the new energy bill?

    Will this not make gas prices skyrocket to the levels of the European Market. I guess” The Gang of 10″ have their job cut out for them.

    I guess this is helpful when you own stock in EXXON Right Ms. Pelosi.

    Maybe there is something to deceiving billions when you are make millions.

  • Terry m. Barber

    Since Obama visted the South America countries of Ecuador, Bolivia and Guatemala they said that they will suspend US military involvement on the war on drugs by closing those bases.

    I guest that means more drug dealers fighting for control over public streets to sell drugs.

    Then there’s that gun control ban. If you take fire arms from Law abiding citizens then we have criminals with guns and citizens using “harsh language” to thwart crimes.

    Tax cuts? Why not switch to the FAIR TAX!!!

    Even a person
    with a zero percent income tax rate today must pay payroll taxes on the first dollar they earn and
    also pay hidden federal taxes in the prices of everything they buy. The FairTax removes these
    hidden taxes, eliminates the payroll tax, and holds all taxpayers harmless against any taxes on
    essentials such as food, clothing, and shelter.

  • Terry m. Barber

    Far as cheaters goes where does Hillary and Bill Clinton rank?

    Or what you are saying since Bill cheated in the White house with Monica Lewinsky, Barbara Streisand and Sharon Stone to name a “few” makes cheating classy or classless.

    Or is ducking imaginary Sniper fire more realistic than miss-placing White House files needed for investigation for a fraud case. Maybe we can contact Harry Potter so he can conjure up the $50,000 dollars in cash that Chinese businessman Johnny Chung seem to have lost in White House 1993.

    For all intent and purposes cheating is the least of my worries, by the way have anyone seen my car keys?