Dem convention: Hillary to meet with delegates

Several delegates for Hillary Clinton say they received emails earlier tonight advising them that she will meet with her delegates at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday with the expectation that she will subsequently release them to vote for Barack Obama.

The delegates were also told they would receive paper ballots Wednesday morning, although it’s unclear whether or not there will still be a floor nomination and roll call vote on the floor as her supporters sought.

Earlier tonight, Clinton seemed to deliver a very clear message: “I Support Barack Obama,”

If this all sounds confusing, it is. This flap over the convention process has gone on for days.  Everyone is talking about it despite party leaders’ assurances that there is no story. And the delegates are locked into a no-win situation where the party has failed to give them a way to resolve conflicting options gracefully.

And tomorrow night, President Bill Clinton will go on stage and we’ll see what he says about it, too.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen